Multiple team roles in profile


I think it would be really good if you would add the ability to have multiple team roles in your profile. I am sure it is very common for people doing more then one thing on a team, like website, animation and programming. It would be okay to limit it to 3 or 4 tem roles, but definitely more then 1.

Thanks in advance

or even to make this an text field instead of just a dropdown. You could enter your own team role. Even if your job was “Krispy Kreme Getter” you’d be all set.

I don’t like “create your own” team role. The team role tells us what your position is on your team.

It also gives us the ability to say “ChiefDelphi has n Engineers registered”, etc.

I’ll think about the ability to add more, when I work on adding more team# fields.

Well although I’m down as a student, I have a more specific role on my team… I can’t say using the current system that I’m a “scrutineer” for 759; my main job during the 2 seasons I’ve been on the team. I was also an FLL Mentor this season…