Multiple USB Cameras in LabVIEW



Am I correct in saying that to get two USB cameras (HD3000) working all I should need to do is plug them in to the roboRIO and then run the default project? It seems like the connection back to the LV Dashboard is handled in the “Send Camera Images to PC”

In my specific case I can’t get even one camera to work. I don’t see any light turn on when I plug them into the roboRIO. I have confirmed they work when connected directly to my PC. I get the “CameraServer is working properly” 1074360311 error. Any other troubleshooting steps other than the couple I haven’t tried below?

Things I am still yet to try:

  1. Another roboRIO, maybe its a hardware problem?
  2. A totally different type of camera


One Lifecam should work with the default program, but it might have trouble listing two of the same model without some modification of the default program (e.g., maybe adding a USB 1 camera).

Two different cameras should also work, although there may be connection issues depending on if the camera models conflict in some way.

When the cameras are first plugged in to the roboRIO the blue light should come on for a few moments then shut off regardless of if it works through to the dashboard or not…

With a single camera have you tried both USB ports on the roboRIO?


Have you tried using a Raspberry Pi as a camera server?


@Mark_McLeod this was great advice. I tried a different roboRIO and did have problems getting two cameras of the same type to work, but different types worked great! I am going to send in a change that I expect will fix this problem.

@pugsly14 I have used the Raspberry Pi before but that is much more involved than just plugged in a few USB cameras. It is likely that our final solution will either be on the Limelight or Jetson.


This thread may or may not be related. Contrary to post #46 that the issue had been solved I think I saw a case of it in 2017.