Multiple version of Inventor on one computer

Is it possible to have multiple versions of Inventor on one computer? I have 5 installed and would like to install 8 while still keeping 5. I know I can open my files in 8, but I still will need to make some new drawings in 5 sometimes. Installing 8 won’t overwrite 5 will it?

I can only definitively say that you can have multiple versions of AutoCAD on your computer, since I do at work. Since it’s the same company, it’s atleast conceivable that you could do so.

I have both Version 6 and Version 7 on mine and both are OK!

Not sure, But I do know that different version of Solidworks overwrite each other, unless you partition the HD and put them on seperate drives, or seperate sections…

Good luck.

You can have multiple versions of Inventor installed on one PC. Until recently I had versions 5.3, 6, 7, and 8 all on my machine at work, without any problems. The application does re-register with Windows when you switch versions, though.

From the Voice of Experience, one thing to watch out for : If you have v5.x installed and uninstall it, be sure to delete the folder containing the “Content Library” files for that version before you install a more recent version. Otherwise the installer doesn’t correctly install the content library for the new version and things can get messy. You shouldn’t have this problem if you just leave v5 installed, though. (I found this out the hard way by deciding to get rid of v’s 5-7 before installing v9. Now whenever I launch v8 or v9, I get a not quite functional dialog asking me to find the content library.)