Multiple VR Headsets with Automation Direct/Steam VR Field

Has anyone used the Automation Direct VR Field with multiple VR Headsets with the VR Field running:

  • on a single PC; or
  • multiple networked PCs?

I have been using the 2019 Deep Space VR Field with a HTC Vive Pro Headset. We have set-up a 15’X15’ gaming area on our practice field using two HTC Vive Base Stations and team members are provided with two Hand Controllers so they can manipulate all elements as if they really were on the field.
The latest release, with 6 Driver Stations, improved Laoding Station features, and low and high game robots is quite fascinating.
Our Team, especially the members of the Drive Team, has used the VR Field as a familiarization tool, getting used to field size, field element placement and game pieces. They have truly immersed themselves in the Field and they are quite adept at getting around either walking or teletransporting around.
This week (week 4) Drivers will start spending more time at the driver station working match scenarios, in complement with a partial practice field that will be used to connect simulation with hard reality as our robot becomes more and more complete.

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