Multiples errors around the project

Don’t know how to explain this but in my drivetrain subsystem, the line

“class drivetrain: public Subsystem {” has the error “changes meaning of ‘drivetrain’ from ‘class drivetrain’ -fpermissive]”

2nd error is in Robot.h, under public:.
static std::shared_ptr<drivetrain> drivetrain; has an error stating
“declaration of 'std::shared_ptr<dtivetrain> Robot::drivetrain -fpermissive]”

3rd error is in Robot.cpp, under Robot::RobotInit()
drivetrain.reset(new drivetrain()); has an error on reset stating
the candidates are “void reset();, void reset(#10000 *), void reset(#10000 *, #10001), and void reset(#10000 *, #10001, #10002)”

send help ;-;

Could you please post your full project code?

It’s auto-generated RobotBuilder code. (194 KB) (194 KB)

Change your drivetrain subsystem name to Drivetrain. It can’t differentiate between the class and instance.

Opened an issue to validate for this.

ahhhh, I see. Thanks!