Multistage lift(ftc) project update

Ok 2 things
1.) composite bot pretty much done - waiting for the project owner the find/buy a new/old roborio and PDB to test it and do the final nip and tuck

2.) I am also mentoring FTC 11995 and FTC season has started and we are seeing if we can print an extending 4 stage tower that should give us some advantage over the metal one that is string powered and has some short comings and is a backup option atm. We probably do both and pick the better one. The gripper most likely will be printed either way out of TPU and powered by a servo

Hope I dont break some rules by posting FTC design here but its scaleable. Its belt driven and in the FTC case dimensioned accordingly and will be 14 in tall (thereabouts) and the weight it can lift is limited by the strength of the GT2 belts you use. So probably around 20-30lb which is plenty as the load is < 1lb this year. The whole weight should be less than 5lb. To upscale to FRC - well make it longer and thicker and use different bearings as wheels - maybe the ones that chinese 3D Printers and CNC use and use HTD5 belts which can take up to at least 275 lb (depending on reinforcement)

Here are some pics of where we currently are. (all parts are designed and sized that they also can be printed on an Ender)

Base of center shaft

Base with 1/2 in aluminum square 16 gauge tube inserted its to just allow extensions to be threaded on it and they are held in place with 6 sheet metal screws

Centerpost with the top part so each part about 7 in tall

With 3 in lazy susan on the bottom

With GT2 Pulleys and belt the belt is threaded through the center of the post and will be powered by redline 20:1 gearmotor

with the first outside stage installed

The Net extension of the final stage will be 36 inch. The wheels of the mechanism are 625 bearings with M5 bolts as axles. The redline motor got an encoder which will be used to control the amount of extension. Should be pretty accurate as it uses timing belts with minimal stretch at least at those weights which should be comparable to a small cnc or a 3d printer.

If this project works out well - like the shooter did then they will be shared on my site and grabcad - at least as long as they have the public sharing section for free. The composite bot will wind up there too if the project owner finds the electronic or we decide to make an off season demo bot out of it and run it with an arduino or something like that.

Oh and this project is all PETG as I got a good deal on it

And in between I still take 3dp requests from other teams

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