Murray State University Ri3D

Had fun driving it around today. It was an intense 72 hours but we are proud of what we accomplished. This is our third successful Ri3D and it couldn’t have been done without Mathai Karanja and Colton Rains. This is their 9th robot build and they are graduating from Murray State University this spring with an degree in Engineering Physics (electrical and mechanical respectively). Maybe we will see them back one day in the future! Our other team members include Noah Holcomb, Tommy Schultz, Julian, Christian, Austin Wick, Roger Requelme, Bryant Harrison. Special thanks to Andymark for sponsoring us this year. Be on the lookout for a post with our CAD. Good luck in 2020!

Reveal Video

Mechanical Walkthrough



You have intake wheels on your drivetrain…

But otherwise great job!

Hi. We like your robot very much. Can you share your own robot design with us as a CAD file? And we would be happy if you let us modify the CAD file as well. And… great job.

If you’re looking for design references I highly recommend looking up 118’s everybot


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