Music in FRC


Music is everywhere in FRC. During the competitions, in the pits, everywhere. My team has music playing 24/7 in our shop while we work, as I’m sure many other teams do. Use this discussion to post your favorite (and least favorite) songs that are played during comps, music that everyone on CD should check out, anything related to music and FRC


Favorite FRC song: Cotton Eye Joe of course
Least Favorite FRC song: the Chicken Dance. I mean c’mon, we can do better than that
Shop Music: usually a solid mix of classic rock, sometimes a bit of country


Most Favorite: Country Roads
Least Favorite: Darude Sandstorm (It’s literally just beeping)
Music that Everyone Should Check Out: Slayer, Pantera, Etc.


We listen to a playlist on Spotify full of great tunes when traveling or in the lab. The Dankest of The Jams.

Favorite: any classic rock or disco song really

Least favorite: I agree with darude sandstorm @urboi_bean_5980


You guys realize that Sandstorm is basically the theme song this year?


We literally named our 2017 practice bot Phil Collins because we had a problem with the gear box (screws getting in there) and I swear every time it happened, In the Air Tonight would be playing so it became an inside joke for the rest of the season to play that song whenever something went wrong.

Fav: cotton eye joe
Least: baby shark
Check out: code Monkey


Favorite: All of the parodies ever


For real though, pretty much every parody minus FRC Rhapsody and a few others are crap and are not worth playing at competitions.


Favorite: Lindsey Stirling (only once in a blue moon do I hear it at comps though)

Least favorite: Sweet Caroline (Dont hate me)

Shop: We dont have any, but we will tonight!


Favorite: Alan Walker, Galantis, Martin Garrix, etc.

Least favorite: The generic overplayed radio tunes you hear everywhere nowadays. insert unpopular opinion puffin

Shop: Back to favorite music, we’re always playing that good stuff if we have a phone and a speaker.


In the shop, most years we had a different genre of music each day of the week to make sure everyone could get their fix. And some years we were better about sticking to that than other years.

Glad we didn’t meet on Symphonic Sunday though.


My favorite is Erik Dalı - a Turkish group dance song. When we play that, everyone in the pits empties into the aisles, everyone in the stands dances, it’s just fun.

The chicken song (not to be confused with the chicken dance) is also a lot of fun.

I dunno what my least favorite is.


Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.


Least favorite: Most dance music played during field timeouts, nearly every parody made for a contest

Favorite for matches: Anything upbeat and not too distracting.


Favorites: Cotton eye joe and Steam power

Least Favorite: Anything played during field timeout that isn’t cotton eye joy

Shop Music: We put on pandora and get a mix of rock and country


Five Hours by Deorro is probably the best way to transition into the beginning of Finals.

It starts with about a minute long intro of a single sweeping bass note that progressively speeds up. The initial note is drastically different than any other song on the DJ’s playlist, which then naturally leads the audience’s attention towards the increasing rythem.

The single note naturally gathers attention, so most of the audience starts to quiet down in anticipation.

The curiosity the crowd had at the beginning is now being converted and channeled into a quick-tempo beat. An almost alien-like chorus gently joins the matured beat, which only adds another layer to the excitement.

As the chorus builds, the crowd’s excitement builds with it. Hype is stirring in the crowd, and finally released with the bass drop.

The crowd is now fully pumped with the payoff that has been building up over the past minute. Taking full advantage of this the MC leads into prepping the audience for finals, often asking if they’re ready for what’s to come. The crowd will always respond with the most energy I’ve seen at an event.

The best part about this song is that it continues to lift up the excitement levels after the initial bass drop without ever overpowering the MC or team introductions. The hype train doesn’t stop, but it’s usually anti-climatically cut off when the match starts and the music is swapped out for a different song.


Fav: Jukebox Hero
Least Fav: Cupid Shuffle
Shop: Carry On My Wayward Son


Favorite: Most of the songs played during the finals matches, they are normally pretty hype songs and they up the intensity.
Least favorite: Any group dance song except the YMCA (Cotton Eye Joe, Cupid Shuffle, etc.), also We Could Be Heroes, it gets kind of annoying during the awards ceremony
Shop Music: Could be anything, everyone has different tastes


fav: sweet caroline
Least favorite: cupid shuffle
Shop music: pumped up kicks(idk why) and/or classic rock