Music List for FIRST events

I know in the past FIRST has provided an “approved” song list for DJ’s at their events. The only posts I’ve found with regard to this is here:

These are both a few years old and I was wondering if anyone has found a more recent list with modern songs. I’ve searched the FIRST website numerous times and have turned up nothing.


Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen, on repeat 1,000 times :rolleyes:

I think you forgot one

Oppa Gangnam Style - PSY, on repeat for every match. It will be the New Cotton-eye Joe.

If you contact a district or regional event coordinator from the past year, they would be able to provide you with a more updated list.

I wish most playlists on thursdays and fridays of competitions were this good. I hear it secondhand from the scouts, but I notice it too- the playlist is about 15 songs long, and it repeats ALL DAY. Also, FIRST must not be able to get the rights for a lot of pop music, because most of the pop music at FRC competitions is completely butchered into lousy remixes.

There needs to be a wider set of genres. I know techno is futuristic, but let’s spread it out a bit more. I love SHM’s Greyhound, but they played it ten times at CMP. I also think some of the old 80s music and most of the dance tracks are overused.

That’s not really FIRST’s fault. When buying licensing they don’t pay by song. Two large companies the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers and Broadcast Music Inc basically handle licenses for everything. Organizations like radio stations (or possibly FIRST) buy blanket licenses to play music to large audiences. I’d be curious to know if FIRST pays for the licensing or not, because I know in Kettering’s case they have the college radio station DJ, and in that case all the licensing is already handled.

Also, if Call Me Maybe is on loop for an entire competition I’m quitting FIRST.

Hah. This is a must for any Minnesota event!

FIRST doesn’t buy the licenses. They have a list of approved songs, and the djs play those songs if the djs own the licenses. I imagine that’s why some regionals have better music selections than others. Personally, I think Lone Star has the best variety of music, and the dj is normally good about picking appropriate tracks.

I remember from my freshman year at GSR is was a lot of like softer rock and some pop, with some standard arena stuff (Sandstorm, the Final Countdown, etc.) but nothing annoying or anything(except the obligatory Cotton-eye Joe etc.) but more recently it has sounded like a mix of KISS 108, terrible remixes, and stuff that is too old or just really bad or obscure. This wouldn’t be that bad, except it is extremely loud at every event, and teams have to be there for essentially 3 entire days, so it really gets on everyone’s nerves. For me the volume needs to be lower on thursday and friday because many people are spending 8-10 hours in the stands a day.