Music on Einstein

I remember that last year, they didn’t play any music while the Einstein matches were going on, and it completely killed the mood. These are supposed to be the most exciting and intense matches of the entire FRC season, please don’t ruin it again.

Agreed. They should also have Morgan Freeman MC the Einstein matches.

Knowing how cool that would be, I still vote for Dave Verbugge.(Sorry if I misspelled his name)

I agree, Dave is hands down the best MC in First.

I don’t mind the music so much, but we should bring back Dave’s team history lessons. It always makes for much more exciting matches when you know the background story of all the teams.

Also, it’d be appreciated if FIRST would read the full list of each team’s sponsors at least once on Einstein. Some sponsors are making huge financial contributions to the program and not recognizing them seems insulting.

Agreed. I know in 2010 they did this pretty well, including referring to our robot in-match as “The Northrop Grumman Machine”, but then we had their logo easily readable stickied all along our sideplates.

I’ve been waiting for someone to post about this.
Does anyone know who to contact to make sure we get music on Einstein this year?

My understanding is that they did not play music during Einstein because they were recording the matches for the TV show and could not play music during the show for copyright reasons. Skimming through my copy of the show, it doesn’t look like they used very much of it.

(They did this at MSC as well - that TV broadcast actually included all of the semi and finals matches, narrated by Paul Copioli, and was quite good).

I agree that the music problem must be fixed. Although I don’t know who to send the feedback to, here are my suggestions:

  1. Just use the video for the TV shows and add whatever audio that’s needed in post-production

  2. Don’t play copyrighted music. With all of the people involved in FIRST, why not have people interested in music (I am thinking of the techno style) submit songs which are their originals with permission. Maybe can review and select the songs? Maybe he could find some new young talent to work with? I could see this being a win for all parties involved. Most importantly, we get music back on Einstein:] .