What is your favorite band? I love Green Day!!!


Don’t have one Favorite band/person/ect… Just whatever I’m in the mood for…

Right now I’m on a Techno Streak. Can’t go wrong w/ techno…:smiley:

You don’t have enough options (I’m very versatile).

our techno station over here just got cut off and it’s rock now. and the old rock station got switched to reggaeton. so i’m upset. there’s already a salsa station that plays reggaeton (yes, i like reggaeton too) anyway and now i don’t have a techno station. tear why??

I got Itunes on radio and got the old school techno station on now.
Best thing of all: no DJs!

I like anything from jimmy hendrix to Green Day to The Eagles. but absolutly NO RAP! as my friends says “RAP is mostly cRAP”

i like rock…all kinds of rock…punk, ska, alternative, classical rock…
…stuff like sum 41, ac/dc, zepplin, etc…:slight_smile:

I listen to classic rock, pop/top 40, country, and oldies. I usually flip between several stations when I’m driving, especially when the DJ’s start talking for awhile. I have the radio on to listen to music not talk. :wink:
At home I use my cd player a lot since I own about 400 cds. I’ll put a mix of them in my 6 disc magazines for my Pioneer and when I get tired of listening to them I’ll change the cds or swap in a different magazine.

As much as I’d like to say rock, I find myself spending more time listening to Techno, Dance, and Electronica.

But Green day and Sum 41 have cool videos, like “Hell song” and “I just wanna live”, or something close to those I think…

I don’t really have a fave band or song. I really like “What I’m Made Of…” By ‘Crush 40’

I love pop music…yeah im miss i like any music too except for techno.

I like almost EVERYTHING… to a certain extent. My fav bands as of now are My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Greenday, Sum 41, Nirvana. Very punk/rock. But I also like pop stuff. All depends on my mood I suppose

Punk rock. As you can tell by my avatar, my favorite band of all time is Tsunami Bomb. I also like Green Day, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Rise Against, Thursday, Brand New, especially but I like a lot more bands, too.

I’m not huge into anyone type of music. the types i dont like are country, rap/hip-hop, and electronic/techno. I am a huge Hendrix, smashing pumplins, OAR, and jack johnson. You also have to love Bob Marley. i have about 3 gigs :eek: of music on my current play list so i never know what will come next. :smiley:


Streetlight manifesto anyone? yeah as you can probably tell from the aquabats icon and the name i listen to ska and punk rock, and i hate electronica with a passion.

I’m with mike33 on the hatred of the vile rap, but it saddens me that no one said jazz. Cant go wrong there. Other than that, I’ll listen to any classic rock up to the 90s and as a member of my high school band, I enjoy the type of more modern orchestral songs that we play.

As for bands, I like the Beatles, Blue Oyster Cult, and Kansas. I especially like some good jazz arangements by Count Basie


I’ll also listen to any other kindof Classic Rock from 1965-1978 circa.

I very much dislike techno, rap, hip-hop and pop.

Ska and jazz and stuff like that are good, but I’m not about to go buy a CD.

i have one question…what is wrong with rap? i like all kinds of music…rock rap punk country classical everything but most techno. the crap that they play on the radio stations starting at like 8 here is GARBAGE. i don’t see why they even made that crap. no techno like sandstorm or stuff from prodigy or stomp to my beat are good but all of that other stuff is just wrong. but i will respect your opinion as i hope you will respect mine. i like stuff like my chemical romance, papa roach, soul driven, exploited, gbh, misfits, dead heroes, infectious grooves, icp, twiztid, lil jon, project born, trillville, everlast, twistin tarantulas, mozart, tracy byrd…so you see i like a lot of different types of music.

american idot and brain stew are (well i think) is da bomb and others idk name of

I am more of a rap guy. Lil John, Trill vill, lil scrappy, nas, ice cube, pharrell, 50 cent, big tymers, the ever so controversial eminem, Nelly, ying yang twins, nelly, chingy, ludacris, lil wayne, Game, and TIP are in my ituns now. but i still like some rock like linkin park and pap roach. gren day is still probbly the best band ever though. their CD is so complete. just about every song is amazing and who can forget Dookie.