Musical pi

This puts pi into music form for the first 10,000 digits.

I just hit Randomize but man that sounds aweful. Pi is a musically unpleasant number. :smiley:

In C major, it sounds… ok… I guess…

And btw, it takes about 33:28 to finish the 10,000 digits as musical notes in C major.
In case you were wondering. :rolleyes:

Honestly! How could you show me something this cool this soon before school starts again? Between this and predicting the next game, I’m SO not getting any sleep. :wink:

I thought it sounded pretty good. I used C harmonic minor (C D Eb F G Ab B C D Eb). The only thing I didn’t like was that at some points it seems that the duration of the note changes so there isn’t a consistent beat.

Next, how about harmonizing with e .

Also, I don’t care what sequence you use, or even if you use a “masterpiece” without the key signature, radomly selecting notes to use is usually going to sound awful.

I used an arpeggio and overrepresented a few of the notes. It sounds pretty cool.

The other stuff on that same website are pretty cool. I liked the 1783 photos and the genesis one.

Nice link :smiley:

CCEG# (T) FD# (B) GC#(T)A#F# (B)
The (T) means treble, (B) means bass, the notes before it are in that clef.
This was random and it actually sounds good and cool.
You just had to put this in a place i would see it by accident and fall in love with it… I’m such a nerd!

ooh, music!

the music sounds bad from pi because Pi as a decimal is seemingly patternless, and patterns are what make music themselves… If you were to make music at a faster rate from pi, in lets say hexidecimal, it would sound a lot better, although it still wouldnt be that great until you really got a great pattern


All i can say is “WOW” :ahh: , this is awesome, lol. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Amused by very little things, robotics addicted. It is very interesting to listen to. <<<<<< Although you could annoy someone pretty easy with this :smiley: .

You may as well play white noise :smiley:

Sounds interesting

The C minor is kinda ok.
It might sound better if pi would be used as, lets say, a “key” so that you still would keep some organization in it.

Example: play tone, than determine what the next tone could be (basic rules) and have the digit of pi determine what it then actually is.

Didn’t understand a word…Neither did I. But maybe some one does.