Muskegon Event Video - Missing most matches


Does anyone know why we have very few match videos posted from the Muskegon event this past weekend?
Blue Alliance Muskegon Event Info
I know the entire thing was recorded as I can watch day one here.
FIRST in Michigan Muskegon District Event - Day One
And the entire day two here.
FIRST in Michigan Muskegon District Event - Day Two
The main reason I don’t understand why they are not up yet is because we watched the end of the San Francisco Regional on Sunday and those videos were up within minutes of a match ending.
I did download the entire two day stream so at least we have it but some teams may not know it is out there since it is a little hard to find.



I put up all of our matches for Friday, it took me about 15 minutes to do 9 matches. If everyone does that and then submits to TBA, it wouldn’t take much.

I haven’t noticed too much official popping up from the event. FiM has been pretty hit or miss with match video this year all over.



Thank you for doing that. You are the reason we have our match # 45. I will start cutting our videos apart and get them posted soon. I wasn’t sure if it was allowed since it is official match video.



Did you grab them from the Twitch stream? I’m not seeing any on the FiMVideo1 YouTube channel.



If you give me webcast info and they’re on Twitch I can run ReMatch on those events, you’ll have match clips pretty fast



All FIM events are streamed and recorded on through, if that helps (although a few are split into many parts, so I’m not sure if ReMatch would work well with those).



It’ll take some extra work on my part but I can get the many parts handled. What are the event keys you want me to run? I’ll fire off jobs when I get back to my desk



fwiw, I have a job running for Muskegon right now and I can run more jobs when I get event keys



See this thread…



I don’t know what event keys are. Preferably someone takes the time to do all the matches as I am sure all teams at the event would love to have them on
If you would like to do that, that’s awesome!
I was going to manually cut all matches for our team but it sounds like you have a more automated way of doing?



Yes, I wrote to help with this sort of thing. I run splitting jobs on my server if requested, and I’m currently building an official request form on my site.

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Do you upload the files to youtube or is that up to each team then in this case?
If that is the case how do teams go about getting the files from your server?
Either way your doing us and FRC a great service.

It still hasn’t answered the bigger question. Whose job is it to do this? No one seems to be responsible for getting match videos up, at least not for the Michigan events.



I used a program i found online (twitchleecher) to pull the video, just have to have a start and end time and it saves it to your computer or uploads to Youtube. I just ran it while I watched TV on Sunday.

The program I found seems legit and hasn’t caused any problems for me so far. Although I did do it on a laptop that has no personal information on it and also is ancient enough to throw away if it has a problem develop.



I don’t currently upload them to YouTube, however I will send instructions for downloading to the contact email address that was put in on the form.
ReMatch automatically computes the start and end times of each match for you and cuts the clips.



I’m actually planning on making an announcement about ReMatch in a few days, once I get the form finalized and I have the chance to test another case I want to check before putting this out. The testing should happen tonight and I’m working on the form today.



If you would like to submit events, you can do so here:



Will you post the Muskegon event download here or should I fill out your form?



I’ll post a Google Drive link once the job is complete. In the meantime, if you want other events feel free to fill out the form and I’ll process them too



Ive had one issue with TwitchLeecher: If you dont grab the whole thing 9 times out of 10 the audio is whacked.

Nothing a little premiere cant fix, but annoying nonetheless.



I never even checked to see if ours worked! I just wanted video review for drive meetings, so I never even thought to have a listen.