Muskegon FiM Event

What do y’all think about the teams attending Muskegon? Obviously we don’t know much about the team’s abilities this year, but given previous performances what do you expect? Withholding my opinion because obviously I’m biased (Go 4004.)


I’m personally excited for 3604. Gibraltar finalists and state champs last year!


I was excited to see that they were coming this year. It’s a young competition team so more experienced teams are a welcome addition.

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Personally I think this event will be awesome. Higher level of competition than people might be expecting from Muskegon, as I think people are under-hyping it. With 4004, Comets, Wavelength, That One Team, The Goon Squad, and Enigma this event has a great top end, with potentially many surprises. Always have to look out for 6090, 3546 and 5567 as well.


Welcome to CD, and I absolutely agree. People see how many first and second year teams are there and think it’s weak because of it. However a lot of those are mentored by veteran teams. It really is a strong event.

They really impressed us last year, it was great working with them and I’m excited to see what they put together for this year.


Only a few days, and we’re setting up the field today. Any final thoughts?

I think it will be a fun comp, with a good mix of teams. See you all tomorrow at 5!

It was fun while it almost happened.


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