Here is a unique opportunity to help a team fundraiser AND have the coolest accessories at nationals!

Order online, pay when you pick up.

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also visit our site ( 100% student created ) at

Team Roboto 447

Great fundraising idea. I saw some teams wearing them at the Finger Lakes regional this year.

lol, i forgot to post the info for them

$2.00 :ahh:

I love those things!!! Unfortunately I don’t have the pierced ears to wear them with… But I’ll find another way to wear them! Very cool!

I just bought a couple of pairs from you guys with your website order form :slight_smile: !

Awesome+innovative fundraiser idea!

You guys rock!

Team 65-Archimedes

These are really cute! ordered a few for my team, this is definitely a great idea for a fundraiser :smiley:

*I also like your website, it’s very nice. From a fellow webmaster, that is good work, did a team do it? or just one individual? at any rate, it is well done

it was an individual, one single girl, she is very modest so i wont throw her name out ( cough DIANA! )

Thank you everyone who has ordered so far! I love the Chief Delphi community! We are still accepting orders!

(I really like exclamation points!)

Any way they can be shipped for people who won’t be at Championships? I’d be willing to pay a few extra bucks to have a pair shipped to me…

While this is a cool product and great idea for a fundraiser, it’s against the rules to sell these in the competition area. From the 2005 Champtionship site info, section 31.5:

31.5 Site Restrictions
Please read the following restrictions and adhere to them in order to promote an orderly, safe, pleasant, and exciting competition. As a group, we all should honor agreements with the venue and help promote the spirit of good partnership.

Do not sell any products. This includes food, hats, shirts, or any promotional products.*

I think even by taking orders now, the exchange of money for product at the event constitutes the sale itself, and would most likely not be allowed.

if it is in the parking lot then is it legal?

We will not be selling the earrings AT Nationals, so order them now while you still can!

lol, we could stand in the parking lot if we had to :smiley:

Order Form

e-mail me at if you will not be at nationals, but want a few pair. again, thank you everyone who has ordered, you guys are awsome!

These earrings are so awesome looking. I ordered two pairs; one for my mom and one for me. This is great! =) I’ve been wanting tetra earrings. I’ll forward this to Miss Jenny. She’ll be thrilled…considering she asked me a couple months ago if I knew anyone that could make these kinds of earrings.


i ordered a pair, just because they’re adorable and i want some.

and technically, you’re not SELLING them at the venue, since technically, you sold them online with credit by ordering one, and now you’re just exchanging goods for currency for a transaction that was promised long beforehand.

but thats just looking at it from an Economist’s point of view. (i’d say “from a Lawyer’s point of view”, but lawyers seem to be looked down on by FIRSTers.)

if worse comes to worse, i’m sure the parking lot works… or you could even consider doing transactions at the hotels teams are staying at. just a few ideas.

I will be making a $2 donation and will be getting free tetra earrings for my donation. :] :smiley: :cool:

OH MAN! Those are so cool. I wish I could buy some but alas, I won’t be at Nationals. Kudos on the great fundraising idea though.

OH MAN! Those are so cool. I wish I could buy some but alas, I won’t be at Nationals. Kudos on the great fundraising idea though.

a few people have had the same problem, if you want a pair but wont be at nationals, just e-mail me at and we can have a pair shipped to you :smiley:

we are still accepting orders! Order Form :eek: only $2.00! :smiley:

I’d like to order some, but I have two questions:
Are the ear rings clip-on or real?
I’m not going to Atlanta, is there any way I can pay extra for shipping?