Must Return Spare Parts to Small Parts?


At the conclusion of the PNW Regional, the Small Parts volunteer came around to each pit with a list of everything each team had signed our from the spare parts table. He promptly collected everything back from Victor’s (which I understand why) to the little LED Light Panels. I believe he was collecting everything that had been given out over the 3 days.

Did I miss the “You must return everything you borrow rule” or is this something new?

Or, did this happen only at our Portland Regional?


Isn’t that what “borrow” means? :confused:


Were they asking for mainly IFI equipment back, or did they ask for things like motors and other kit components? I worked the Spare Parts counter at LA, last year, and the only thing we needed to have returned were IFI Robot Controllers. A good amount of lights (not the newfangled LEDs) were on hand, as well. Well, we never had to give out a Victor, so maybe that would have been standard operating procedure, as well.


As best I can tell, if you were able to swap motors that failed, you could get them for free. Our van door motor died at the GLR, and we got a replacement for it, which we did not have to return. However, we did have to give back the failed motor.

IFI items I think are on a borrow only basis.


eek… post 200… goodness gracious.


Maybe I need to clarify my initial statement, unless I have been missing things over the past 4 years, this is the first year that the spare parts people have asked for most everything to be returned.


I think that guy made a mistake - they only lend out RCs and OI and other major componets, but you can also buy parts that are on hand if they have enough

taking back the team color led panels? that silly! Those things were getting smashed all day - I hope they have a crate of them somewhere for the rest of the events!


I think it is only certain components. We were not asked to bring back the banner senors. We did have to give back the victor we borrowed. It all depends on how many they have and the worth.


No, they don’t have a crate of them.

At STL there were no spare team color LED panels available. If you were lucky enough to have spares available at a regional event that you attended, then I would hope you would be gracious enough to return any that you borrowed.


in previous years the expensive innovation FIRST parts that were being lent out were painted red - you could spot them a mile away


Actually, they were bright orange.




I remember having to pay for some spare parts (drill motor gear boxes) as far back as 2000. I know in STL, they made an announcement that they would be billing your credit card if you did not return parts (for those that they required a CC to check out).

As for the blinky lights, they run about $12 from IFI. A crate of them per regional would be pretty expensive. And, they seem to be a fairly consumable item.