Muti-Team Scouting Development Team - STAMP

STAMP (Statistical Team Analysis of Match Performance) has been launched!

STAMP stands for “Statistical Team Analysis of Match Performance”. STAMP is a scouting application for FIRST robotics teams that allow them to keep records of teams’ performance in matches. Unlike most scouting applications STAMP is based on quantitative match performance data rather than qualitative data about a robot. This allows the end user to have well organized data that is not only easily sortable and rankable but also based on what a team’s robot can actually do rather then what it’s team says it can.

Here is the site:

STAMP’s goal is to get developers from as many FIRST teams as possible all together to develop a high quality, easy to install and run application.

From the sites “about” page:

What makes STAMP so different?
What will make STAMP so different is the kind of data it collects, and therefore the kind of information you have on a team. STAMP allows the user to input and then display how a team acts on a variety of criteria during the match and therefore be able to predict how team will act in the future.

Why should we use STAMP instead of gathering qualitative data about a team or robot?
There are a few reasons. Firstly you need to take a step back and look at what you are doing this for. What we want as scouts is to be able to A know what our opponents are going to do and B know who to pick in an alliance. To achieve that what you really need to know is how a robot performed in a way that you can compare to other teams. The second reason is that performance never lies, though someone who has been milling a machine for the past 6 weeks tends to try to talk up their bot. STAMP gives you the truth, no frills attached.

What is STAMP written in?
STAMP is written in PHP and HTML, using mySQL as a database.

What software do I need to run STAMP?
You will need a webserver such as Apache, PHP, and mySQL. You may also want PHPMyAdmin which will make editing tables much easier. If you have a windows or linux box that will be running STAMP then you should consider getting XAMPP. XAMPP has Apache, PHP and mySQL all in one easy installer and one very easy to use interface to manage them.

What do I need to know to help?
Not only is STAMP dedicated to creating quality software we are also dedicated to creating a solid learning environment for new coders. So no matter what stage you are at, sign up!

I want to help, but how do I get started?
Great! Just sign up on the site and on the mailinglist and get acquainted!

When will STAMP be released?
STAMP will be released before the first reigonal with updates until nationals.

So, check it out! Got any questions or suggestions join the maling list, talk on our forums, reply here, or IM me at “Erik Thulin” (AIM).

See you there!

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