Muti-Team Scouting System at Midwest

WBI (Team #461) is organizing a massive scouting system at the Midwest Regional. The idea behind it is that several teams join together to collect information into a comprehensive, live, and publicly available scouting database. In order to make this work, we request the assistance of all teams attending the Midwest Regional.

Click HERE for a brief overview of what it is all about.

To help out, all you need to do is send us some people to help do the following scouting activities:

  • Pit Scouting (Thurs)
  • Photo Scouting (Thurs)
  • Field Scouting (Fri-Sat)
  • Data Entry (Thurs-Sat)

We will provide all necessary equipment including computers, scouting sheets, cables, routers, etc.

To see the data we collected using this system at the Boilermaker Regional, click HERE or go to the link mentioned earlier in this post.

I know this is on a very short notice, but we just finished with the Boilermaker regional where we tested the scouting system.

The scouting data is for everyone and we think it’s finally time for teams to join together and collectively gather data.

Please let me know if your team is interested and I’ll be glad to go over this in more detail.

Many teams found this useful at the Boilermaker Regional.

To affirm what Emil says, the 461 IT team created an effective and straightforward scouting interface that makes it easy for someone with minimal scouting experience to follow the game and get necessary information.

It’s also a great way to get familiar with other teams!

Cya at Midwest!

  • Genia

That would be great to have. We were only scouted by about three or four teams during the practice rounds at the UCF regionals. So sad, but hey, it was still fun none the less!

Very impressive, I know that my team is willing to send out some volunteers, just tell us what exactly you need. A few things on our scouting sheets that I did not see on yours…


of Tiers/Joints?

Max Height? (in ft, in ‘how many tetras max on side’, and in ‘max on center’)

How accurately does is pick up a tetra? (# of tries)
How accurately does is place a tetra? (# of tires)

Also, your autonomous section only highlights the fact that there is an autonomous mode, not what it does. One of the strongest pieces of our Detriot alliance was winning our entire home row in autonomous mode, it made life considerably easier.

Please don’t take these comments negatively, they are only meant to be constructive critism, our team and I’m sure all the other teams at GLR appreciate what you’re doing.

You have a good point. However, I know when I pit scouted we covered that. In the actual field scoring sheets, it’s improtant to write “Manual 1: Fails to cap because of”. That way we’re not just saying " failed to cap ". Sometimes a tetra can be stolen or dropped becuase of other circumstances, so notes cover it. :slight_smile:

If we have enough pit/field scouts we’ll have discussion of it, and if you’re there please contribute these ideas, though I don’t know what some of them mean so you’d have to explain.

  • Genia

We simpley need people to scout and enter data. We will be scouting all 3 days of the competition so we are in need of people at any and all times.

If you are a pit scout, you will need to have had previous FIRST experience and preferably be somewhat knowledgable in tech stuff directly relating to robots. Pit scouts will ask other teams questions and be expected to understand this information well enough to write a good pit scouting report on the team.

If you are a photo scout, you will need to know how to use a digital camera. Basically anyone can do photo scouting. Such a person would be assigned a list of teams they need to go and take photos of.

If you are a field scout, you will need to understand how the game works. You will need to, for example, know which loading station is the manual one and which one is the automatic one. You will also need to be able to judge weather a robot is fast/slow and weather it is powerful/weak. Most of the people involved with scouting will be field scouts due to the ammount of information needing to be gathered from every match. After watching a few games, even some of the rookies can do field scouting.

If you are entering data, you will need to be able to type at a reasonable rate. You will be entering the the pit scouting and field scouting sheets into the computer.

Those are just some summeries to give you an idea about what kind of things people will be doing.

Just a side note: Team 1646 helped us out in the Boilermaker regional with data entry and they had no problems with our system.

Another thing that I should have mentioned: We try to rotate people as often as possible. The more people that participate, the the less time each individual scout will have to spend scouting. Competitions are also suppose to be fun and scouting can get quite irritating if you do it for a while. This is why we would like to have as many people as possible and rotate them.

I will account for these fields in the database system and scouting sheets. Our scouting information may appear to be lacking but the point of it is to be short, informative, and straight to the point. I feel that a lot of teams are “overscouting” in some sense because they collect information that they never really use. This is why our scouting fields are relatively short. Also another thing to keep in mind is that the field scouts only have 2 mins to record everything that happened during a match and if you overburden them with lots and lots of fields, they will not be able to provide quality information. Anyways that’s just some of our theory. Thanks for those suggestions, and I will actually add them to the system.

No way I take it negatively. I love criticism - it helps me improve.

If you have any further questions you can post here or even contact me on AIM/MSN by using Chief’s icons next to my username.

Thanks a lot guys, we are honored that you will join us.

Team 269 is interested in this idea. If we decide to go this way, we would be able to contribute nearly all of our scouting personell to this task if necessary. (probably somewhere around 16 people) If there is anything that you need from us please let me know.

I also agree that most of the fields that people mentioned should be added would be a nice addition, although i do agree that a more concise scouting report is best.

This system could definitely use the help of your scouts.
I was hoping that we could organize something that a larger quantity of teams each do a lesser amount of work - so if any more teams decide to join us, we can spread out the work among teams.

Robby, you can contact me through AIM/MSN if you wish to discuss this further. We (461) have already planned how the entire public scouting system will function. The only thing that it is lacking is the people. If you can really provide those 16 or so people that you mentioned, then we are set to go. Please talk with your team and see if this can happen. You can show them the page on our website that explains this so that they know what it’s all about.

The web page:

Let me know once u talk things out. Also, I am on pit crew for 461 and I will be there from Thursday on.

It seems that we most likely will be helping out. We will continue to scout using our previous method but would like to use this as a supplement. We have some extra team members, probably not the 16 that i mentioned earlier, but a substantial number that we should be able to contribute. I’ll track you down and talk to you on thursday.

Great! I’ll look forward to meeting with you.

The concept of multiple teams doing this is an incredible idea. I hope this works out. It would be awesome if some teams could work this out for the nationals.

At VCU, Teams 616 and 1610 unknowingly did this. Since we were in the same hotel, we ended up collaborating their match data and our team by team information.

If any more teams are interested in scouting, feel free to post. We’d like to get as many teams involved in this as possible.

Team 930 will be apart of the system also. Emil I talked with you last night.

I sincerely apologize, I didn’t read your thread carefully enough. My team isn’t going to the Midwest Regional… We do have two or three guys going down to visit some friends in Chicago, so they’ll be there, but probably only Saturday. I apologize again for not quite reading carefully enough…

However, our team is going to the West Michigan Regional, and I feel that your system would be of great assistance to all the teams there. If you sent us a copy, we will make the best attempts to spread your scouting system throughout that regional as well. Our lead programmer is on the Ubutu devolpment team, he leads their backports projects and I’m sure that he would enjoy looking over what you have done. If you wouldn’t mind sending us a copy either post a link, or head over to our website and upload it to our downloads section.

Thank you very much,


I didn’t forget about guy guys :wink:

Thanks a lot for the support.

No worries. Check your private messages for more information on running our system.

The best part of multi team scouting, is teams working together. Believe me, the more you have the easier it is. Always remember to work together, devise a simply scouting program, and take as many pictures as you possibly can!

Thanks a lot to all the teams that decided to join together to do this. I will see you all at the competition.

I am leaving now so if any other teams want to participate just stop by the team 461 pits and ask to be directed to our scouting center. It’s not too late to do this. Just stop by our scouting center.

See you all at Midwest! :slight_smile: