~ * MVRT 115 Steals STACKs *~ VIDEO ~*

The El Toro 6 From MVRT 115 Stole stacks in many rounds at the Silicon Valley Regional. We also Stole stacks in the semifinals Round.

MVRT Won the Regionals with 254 and 852.

~ 3 Minute Stack Steal Video (5.5 mg WMV)
~ MVRT 115 Making the Stack (1.3 mg MPEG)
~ MVRT 115 Made the stack (1.3 mg MPEG)
~ SVR 2003 Finals (5 mg WMV)
~ MVRT Stealing a Stack at Semi-Finals (Real Media Stream)
~ MVRT Stealing a Stack at Semi-Finals (Windows Media Stream)

More coming soon… check out some 450+ pics from the svr regionals www.mvrt.com

Comments / Feedback


~ Akshay Dodeha

I thought it was pretty cool how the MVRT robot could steal a stack of 3 from opponent scoring zone while the opponents destroy their stack, and transport it back adding more points and multiplier to their own score.

You definitely don’t see lots of robots doing that in this year’s game.

Can’t wait to see it compete at Houston!

My team had the honor…or misfortune…of being on the receiving end of MVRT’s stack stealing robot. Its quite discouraging, as a human player, to see the stack that I built up stolen in a matter of seconds. It was awe-inspiring, yes, but very discouraging. Congratulations MVRT, you stole my stack :smiley:

We got that same reaction from a lot of human players.

I’m happy that this year’s game gives the human player a much greater ownership of what they do, what the human player does can have a great impact on the game.

Originally, I thought that we could not steal a stack if it was placed correctly against a wall, but as you can see in this video, we were able to do it from the most difficult position.

As for the precarious WHEELIE up the ramp, we’ve also figured out how to avoid that. We keep our lift machinism lowered to gain a 60 in wheel base.

We will be in the Curie Division for the Championship Event, Look for us there!