MXR 1120 Chassis & Wheel Hub

Team 1120’s Chassis:

2 wheel drive with 2 inline skatewheel casters (those are not there yet). 20mm t-slot.

Wheel Hub for ~11" wheels is polycarbonate:

Go-kart Tires:

Go-kart Tire Hubs:

Any feedback?

Team 1120: Chassis and Drive Train Team

Pretty nice design… intersted in seeing how it looks fully assemblle and driving at atlanta

Sorry, at this point in time, we’re not planning on going to Atlanta; however, we are going to the Vegas (NV) regional and the Sacramento (CA) regional. Looking forward to see the other robots.

Nice robot and nicer wheels. My friends and I were actually planning on using those wheels on a barstool racer we were going to build.

Barstool Racer? Is that puppy going to be powered by single malt Scotch? AKA, nectar of the gods? :smiley: