My arduino Wifi controlled Robot

As you can see its still a major work in progress. I’ve had a lot of fun the last couple of days building this thing. I’m going to keep developing my software to make it more versatile for other hardware and applications, then I will release it for everyone.

Using a router for access? Hmmmm, where’d you learn that trick?:yikes:

Any reason a WiFi shield wouldn’t work?
I’m looking forward to your release.

Hi! I actually have been experimenting with different radio systems for for over a month, including the wifi shield and even an esp8266. I went with the router because it had a ridiculously fast latency. The worst was the esp8266, its latency was in the seconds range… The first packet would go through right away but then all packets after words would take many seconds to send.

While not the cheapest, the most user friendly radio system I’ve used are XBEEs.

As I see it. the best combo would something along the lines of:

An Arduino UNO, Leonardo, or Mega along with the IO Expansion Shield for Arduino V7.1, and the Wireless GamePad V2.0 for Arduino.

Of course you’d also need 2 XBEEs, and a Serial to USB Adapter to configure them.

All in all a ~$168 control system with quite a bit of flexability. Such as getting 2 of these Wifi BEEs and suddenly having not just a wireless connection, but wifi to monitor systems.

I’m curious have any other teams released an arduino control system to affectively replace the roborio?

3946 built a T-shirt launching robot using XBEEs that worked amazingly.

If you want a more similar experience to the RoboRIO (ie. connect to wifi and use a laptop with a driver station) would be the RobotOpen Platform.

To follow up on Gixxy’s comment…

The RobotOpen platform also has a hardware agnostic library that will run on any Arduino.

If you have an ethernet shield, a router and a laptop you can easily get two-communication and traditional gamepad control over your Arduino based robot.

I haven’t worked with the DFrobot wireless 2.0 gamepad, but I can say from experience that their BLE gamepads were a nightmare to work with. The documentation was terrible, and the joysticks on the controller gave nonsensical values. We also had our order (which was about $600 of product) ship almost a month late, which would have been longer if we hadn’t emailed them asking what was up. You might have better luck, but dealing with people shipping from overseas is always a bit of a crapshoot.

Hi all, Just an update, I am currently writing my arduino code into a class file. This will allow for easy implementation, as well as use of more than 1 stick.

I also just made the driver station compatible with more than 1 stick. On the driver station I am working on implementing a “not connected” status,(its harder than you would think :ahh: )

I am thinking the first release will be in a few weeks(maybe sooner), it really depends on how motivated I am :smiley:


Here is a progress video, if your interested take a look.

That is cool to see RobotOpen working, by this point I know that what I am doing has been done before, but I going to package it and release it anyways because I am having fun :cool:

Any updates on this? Looks like something I would like to explore

Yes when the RoboRIO was proposed so was the Sasquatch from Team 221.

I also helped propose on based on the Parallax Propeller.

What happened to your Parallax board?

Are any of the other FTC control system contenders out there as products?

Not really meant for FTC, but it sounds like you’re just looking for ways to drive robots outside of comp. Ours might be a good fit depending on what you want.

Vex has some control solutions too…

AM’s got some options…

Or wait did you mean future FTC candidates?

When FIRST said they were not interested I put it to work in alarm systems where a small, flexible, multiprocessor system that can scale has some benefit.

The Turtle module from our proposal: which has the radio and FIRST related stuff (so named because it was hardened and designed to be on lower radio frequency than we use now on purpose) is in a box somewhere in my shop.

Mind you there was nothing wrong with it but before I bank roll a robot control system without a clear committed customer I would rather get this Makerspace thing going. Then if there is interest I can revive it.

Foster if you are interested I can send you the proposal we made.

I’m always on the lookout for a easy to use (simple tool chain) with a reasonable number of ports for motors, GPIO analog that is inexpensive.

The roboRio is in the high cost category and it has a complex tool chain, but it has a ton of options.

I have both the VEX Cortex and the brain for the IQ and like how they work. And RobotC works well on both of them. I’d like to see a free standing rotational sensor for IQ. Love the IME built into the motors, but would like to be able to measure angles (like the EDR red potentiometers)

Lots of RasbPi hats along with Arduino Shields make them possibilities. But the open circuitry makes them a little messy to start and then a big mess when you get everything wired up to it.

The RobotOpen platform is alive and well…our Gorgon controller is a third generation device based on Arduino.

It isn’t the newest freshest flavor of whatever is available in the market, but that’s part of its charm. Arduino is widely supported and very easy to interface with.

The integrated driver station and use of gamepads makes it very similar to FRC style setups and it supports the normal suite of sensors you might use for typical mobile applications.

Bets of all you get integrated pneumatics solenoid drivers!!

We use it all the time for internal projects and really love it. :o

this is really cool. We have been messing with this same idea over the past couple years but with Labview. We took a slightly different approach and made it so you can develop code on a small robot and then directly port it to the FRC robot and vice versa with no code changes. You can also drive your robot with this however we do not have a watch dog implemented yet so you have to be very careful while driving the big robot with it.

We have mainly been using it to teach Labview to the students so that each kid can have a small robot to learn with and test there code.

If you are interested here is are release video

Her is it in action with an arm