My auto labview code

well… in my code i wanted the robot to move straight when the middle detector sees the line, go right a bit when the left detector sees the line and left when the right one sees it, and it just doesn’t work…

also i forgot… in the false i have connected the left and right digital VIs to false/true select, both of the false on the select is 0 and the true is 0.2 and -0.2 (depends on which sensor it connects with), both of the selects connect to + and then i connect it to the rotation of the mecanum VI

Cam some one help me to get this thing work?

robot (474 KB)

robot (474 KB)

Are you sure they are wired correctly?
What is it doing?
Can you post a pic with the False case?

Post your actual code (the vi, not pictures). Also, if you are going to take pictures, hit that fancy cleanup button first, because currently it’s impossible to tell which DIO in is controlling the outer case structure (much less needing to show all the possible values…)

Also, there’s a compound function vi (in the boolean palette) that can have a 3 input AND gate, which I’d suggest using.

What is it programmed to do when it hits the Y? Or are you just going to do the outside? It might be helpful to add a fourth AND input to add a timer in there to make sure it doesn’t stop early.

One last thing: It’s very helpful to change ALL of your constants to controls. This will let you change all the motors speeds and everything on the fly, without reuploading.