my behavior

To the whole chiefdelphi site as a whole i am sorry for my posts in the last couple weeks i thought i could push the limits and see how far i could take it i took it to far and i just wanted to apoligise to everyone

P.S. good luck at your regionals
P.S.S If you are happening to go to trenton this upcoming week stop on over to our team pit 1676


As the Head Coach of Team 1676, I wish to apologize as well. New team members often get caught up in the excitement of FIRST and don’t always “get it” until they have done something silly. Brian is a good kid and has a bright future with our team. I’ve been preaching personal responsibility to our team and it took a lot for him to stand up and take responsibility for his actions. He will be dealt with within our team structure, but please don’t hold his actions against him at this point. I think he’s learned his lesson!

best of luck to all FRC teams this season.

Phil Paspalas - Head Coach
Team 1676: The Pascack Pioneers
NJ Rookie All-Stars 2005
Finalist - 2005 Montclair Mayhem
Champions - 2005 Ramp Riot (Thanks 25!)