My book's coming out!

Hey all,

I just wanted to announce that my novel Twice Shy is releasing 27/October, and the limited (signed) first edition is already half sold-out! I am of course very excited about this, but thought that perhaps members of the CD community might be interested in picking up a copy before they’re gone.

…in an ideal world, they’ll some day be worth bazillions and so will I. Realistically, I wrote a story I hope people will enjoy reading, and maybe one of those people will be you.



In 1 line, what’s it about? I can’t get to that site from work.

It’s about a high schooler who struggles through her junior year as an unwilling member of the emo crowd because their fashion sense allows her to hide the fact that she’s a zombie.

It’s a combination of satire, melodrama, and thriller, with an undead twist.

(I cheated. That was two sentences.)

Awesome! That is entirely cool to have a book coming out! Will try to find a copy!

I’m looking for something to read once I finish Good Omens. That migh tbe a good one to pickup next.

Two questions: What’s the target age range for this? What’s the minimum age that it would be appropriate for?

GREAT question. I didn’t write it as a “Young Adult” novel, though that’s how my publisher is marketing it. Then again, it’s certainly tamer than a lot of adult-oriented horror, thrillers, and even some YA stuff. (Heck, “The Hate List” is a pretty painful story, and “The Secret Life of Bees” deals with some pretty adult issues… And I recommend it even if it did have too much “Secret Life” and not enough “Bees”.)

Ani’s a teenaged protagonist, and the language is as authentic as I could make it – meaning there’s some vulgarity without it going over the top. There’s no “explicit” sexual content, thought there is some implied, and there are some moments of pretty extreme gore. My 13-yo niece read it with the blessing of her parents, and none of them seem too traumatized.

I can’t answer what age it’s appropriate for… I read Stephen King’s The Stand when I was, oh, nine-ish. (That might explain a lot… but it doesn’t help answer your question…)

I tried to make it extremely genuine, despite the intentional absurdity of the premise. I’d say middle school and high school would be totally fine on the young end, and on the older end, well, I wrote it for a grown-up audience.

Update: Better early than never!

The paperback is now available at and ( now, and the e-book will be available soon!

The Kindle version is now available at

Thanks to the FIRST community for the attention my little side, non-robotics project is getting. I really appreciate it!