My BU Challenge "Robot"!

This is my first post here…i am deeply in R/C everything, but this is my first foray into robotics, for the BU robotics design competition. didn’t do to well, but it was by far the coolest looking bot there! I attached some other pics as well! O BTW i go to King Philip high in SE mass, and i started a Robotics Club this year at my school! So i hope to do more robotics!


uuhh how does one post pictures? i have never seen this version of vBulletin before…

O BurningQuestion i want to talk to you about something, so if you read this “drop me a line” thanks :wink:


Hi, Brent, and welcome to ChiefDelphi. :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of BU. Could you give me a link? This forum is mostly about FIRST Robotics, although it’s a great place for anyone interested in robotics and technology.

Huh… where did the attachment manager go?? Good question. I don’t seem to have the usual thing here either.

The easiest way is to use ImageShack or a similar place to host it, then insert it into your post with
Oh!! And tell me what he wants. :smiley:

When you use the IMG tags you have to do

put your link here

Sorry I’m just assuming that you don’t know HTML

hey ryan the Boston University robotic thing was just a little KotH type robotic challenge in june 05.

“Oh!! And tell me what he wants.”

huh? I don’t want anything…

o i know why the attachment manager is missing…

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Oh, duh. Didn’t think of BU being a university. :slight_smile:

Sorry, the thing to Burning Question was just so mysterious. :slight_smile: That’s what I was wondering about. Ignore me, it’s healthier.

haha…i thrive in mystery. :slight_smile:

why didn’t you think of BU as a university? Are you dissing BU? I’m not even gonna apply there…sticking with embry-riddle, rensselaer, MIT, GIT, FIT, etc. :slight_smile:


o i added a pic of the robot to the gallery i think.