my comp is not working right and i need help

i am having an error when ever i try to start a folder from the desktop i get the error
Sysfader:explorer.exe-Application Error
The instruction at “0x012fe065” refferenced memory at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be “written”.
what can i do to fix this it has been an issue for quite some time and i am fed up with it so any input would be appreciated

well, one thing I would try since its saying unable to write to memory, try swapping out a memory stick and try to create the error again, if it happens again, swap out another (putting the first back in of course). If after going through all your memory and it still happens… I’ll think about that, but thats what I found to be an issue on a computer I was hired to fix.


so i need to open my comp gah well i would think it would be a software issue due to it having 512 memory and it only did this after i installed sp2

This is definately a memory error. Definately identifiable since it gives you the memory address as part of the error…

Some causes for this could be the hardware itself. Reason being is because the memory may creep out of its slot sometimes.

One thing I would suggest is taking out the memory sticks and putting them back in. If that doesn’t work, then go with Mike AA’s suggestion and swap them out to determine which one is causing the problem.

Yeah, definanitly rest the the memory sticks.

Might wanna dust it out while your in there.

your soposted to do that once a year.

just a side note…i’m a+ certified…and on my cert test they asked me how often to dust inside of a computer…

It’s not necessarily a memory problem; in fact, just about every BSOD will put up a memory address. This only refers to the position in memory of the file (e.g. executable or kernel-mode driver) that was involved in the unhandled exception or illegal operation. I’d suggest trying some other things first, before you go for the memory.

Make sure that you have administrative access (not usually a problem on XP, since it runs as an administrator by default—which is not always such a good plan).

First thing: check for viruses and spyware; most antivirus companies have free web-based scanning tools. Though this doesn’t really look like a virus, sometimes they can interfere with the interactions between programs. Also, spyware which integrates itself into Explorer windows can cause all sorts of problems. Try Symantec’s online scanner and Ad-Aware.

Now, if that doesn’t work, try a repair installation. (Boot with the CD, follow the instructions for a repair installation—do not create new partitions or reinstall, and do not restore from a system restore point unless you know exactly what that restore point contains!) Surprisingly often, this is all that is necessary.

If that doesn’t solve things, you can try to completely uninstall your video drivers, and install a version which you know to be compatible (some nVidia drivers use a modified version of sysfader.exe; consider ignoring this particular suggestion if you do not have an nVidia card).

If you really must test the memory, don’t pull it out. Run Memtest86+, which can, with a high degree of certainty, pick out repeatable hardware malfunctions in RAM. It should be invoked with a bootable CD, and left to run for a while; it will try to overlay specific patterns on regions of memory, and compare the retrieved values with what it wrote in the first place.

Note that these steps are reasonably complex processes that can involve considerable manipulation of system configurations; if you’re not comfortable doing these according to the software and hardware vendors’ instructions, don’t, because there are numerous ways in which this can go wrong.

For the love of all things holy, do not use a vacuum cleaner to do this. Moving air can cause static charges to build up. That, more than anything else, will ensure that you do have a RAM problem. (If your vacuum cleaner has a metal hose, and is properly grounded, you might get away with it. I wouldn’t try it. Just use a soft cloth.)

He never said it was a Blue Screen of death… did he?

becuase if it was a bsod…normaly it would be before the computer boots…

i havent had the bsod in over two years

So is it not booting at all? or giving you errors when you run the OS? becuase the problem you stated earlier, seemed like it was when you run the OS unless you’ve magically found a way to open files from the desktop before the computer boots. Or are we working with two problems here?

Well, not necessarily…try this: in the registry, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\i8042prt\Parameters, create a new DWORD called CrashOnCtrlScroll, set it to 1, and restart. Press and hold right-control, then double-tap scroll lock.

You’ll be the proud owner of a BSOD, initiated directly from the GUI.

Other ways to cause BSODs from within Windows involve bad drivers, unhandled exceptions, and the like. Trust me when I say that they can happen at any time.

Now, as to whether or not it was a BSOD, or just the Windows Error Reporting box, he can tell us. Edit: He just did…

no no no its no that kind of problem i just cant open any desktop folders I’m using the computer with the problem right now .exe files will open but i cant open my computer recycle bin things that open into a folder

I think repair install?

What OS is it? Maybe you mentioned it allready…I didnt see

xp sp2


Did the computer come with SP2 on it?

if not

Did the problem occur before // after the install of SP2?

after sp2 install

Sorry about the confusion. So it’s just an error box, which you can cancel out of?

I’d suggest trying the spyware/virus scan, then, if that doesn’t turn up anything, the repair installation.

If it isn’t throwing BSODs, it’s extremely unlikely that it’s a memory hardware problem; those shouldn’t show up only with a particular action in Explorer, and nowhere else. (A BSOD is an indication that it *could *be memory-related, but not a guarantee—all sorts of other things also cause BSODs. The lack of a BSOD strongly suggests that it’s something far less serious, and almost certainly software-related.)

SP2 causes alot of problems

I might be becuase of that…but im not sure.

EDIT: THere he is Where’s that other person (not sure guy /girl =) they seem to know alooot more than me

I still think repair install