My computer is nuts

I just installed SP3 on my 2000 Pro box, and it says my FAT32 HD is not formated. It was working before I installed SP3.

Anyone have a solution? (Other then moving to <Puke>apple</Puke> or Linux)

i think it’s the operator…LOL just kidding

Move to Linux. Hmm… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe your partitions are NTFS? :stuck_out_tongue:

I had no problems with my upgrade to SP3. Then again, this computer has never used fat32. Just NTFS and ext2. :slight_smile:

Switch to NTFS. It’s a happier file system.


Happy happy

Correction: It’s a NTFS. :smiley:

Also, does 3ds max run in WHINE? If so, then I’d move to Linux in a flash.

You mean WINE? My guess is no…I’ve never tested it, though. Uhh…there’s a possibility it could, though. You can use GL drivers for it in Windows… Go buy MAYA :slight_smile:

We don’t get Maya in the kit.