my favorite person

everyone has thats one person in FIRST (or life in general) that has been an amazing friend or had a positive influence on your life. there happens to be one “someone” within the FIRST community who has been one of the best friends i could ask for. his random emails make my day and the silly messages he leaves me remind me why im in this crazy thing called FIRST to begin with. his posts here on CD have been a voice of rational and truly embody the ideas of gracious professionalism, and just being a wonderful all around amazing person. i think he knows who he is, so ill just leave it at that.

feel free to take a second and realize that without some amazing people wede all go nuts two weeks into the build, and share whats so great about these friends with the rest of us.


ps: ily :wink:

All of my friends are wonderful, but things have been a bit crazy lately between our team, school, and personal matters. I indeed have 3. I orginally had one in mind, but then when I think about it I have three, three who are always there for me even if it’s not in person. They are wonderful and have stuck by me. Thanks guys.

ps: packers forever

I have too many favorite people in FIRST.
~my former team leader Roger Harmon
~my brother Joe
~Dave Lavery
~Wendy Wooten
oh yes, there are others…

Well, there is someone on my team that is truly special to me. She knows who she is. She can work on the 'bot, and drive it too, but even without all that just having her there makes everything alright.

And of course Dave Fahringer. You are one of the coolest guys I know, and always have interesting ideas. You have taught me so much already, and we haven’t even started building a robot yet.

It is truly amazing how FIRST bring people together, no matter how far or how different they are. I am fortunate enough to make friends from all over the country… Especially when they all share the same passion as you do, working hard for similar goals and trying to do something meaningful with their lives. I got friends as close as people in the Bay Area and LA, and as far as Oklahoma, Florida, Seattle, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Michigan…

There is one special person I met on this board. She’s very special to me because I could talk to her just about anything… problems in school, in FIRST, and just about everything else in my life. She was there in my lowest moment in life and helped me through it, and she once gave me the best encouragement I’ve ever heard when I complained about someone and said “don’t worry kenny, I will beat her up at Nats”. I have never met her before, but I feel like I’ve known her for a long time already. I think she knows who she is, so I’ll just leave it at that.

It’s so cool meeting friends in this competition, especially when they become one of the best friends you’ve ever had.

p.s. :* :* :* :wink:

my favorite person in FIRST…andy baker…he’s the reason i’m so into this stuff…heck! i wanted to be andy baker when i grew up! :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for everything andy!!

***MR. BILL!!! 'nuff said! ***

for all of you who know Mr. Bill, you know what a great role-model he is. and for those who don’t know him, you’re missing out!

Mr. Hand…

Mine is pretty close to call…

I have written about him when he hurt himself, and he has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Dave Bryer. His CD name is Dave…

He has helped me, and the team in so many ways! From his last-minute programming skills (which are mad :p) to coaching, to keeping the team togther! Yea, he likes to snap when I “Drive it like I stole it” but hey, who’s perfect? We have a nother, engineer, named “Just Bob” and he also deserves special mention, but I don’t think that anyone has gotten to me like Dave has…

Thanks for the great times, Dave, and fellow Robocard members. I will miss you come Sept 03 when I start Technical School in UTI in Ill…

all i know is that favorite person doesn’t cut it. i’ve met sooo many cool people through FIRST. from people close (for now), like M. Krass, to people across the country (yay jim/joe/amy! :p) to people down in florida (mel and jon) and everyone in between. i must say, if i have a bad day, i come home, turn on my computer, and i know i’ll be able to at least talk to someone, and then i’m not alone. and on the good days, i have a blast talking to everyone.

if i tried to name one person from FIRST, i’m not even sure where i’d start. there’s so many people from tigerbolt, here, and even in my own school. there has been one person who has had a huge impact on my life though. talking to her brightens my day. i’ve also learned a tremendous amount of stuff, things i would never have learned otherwise. talking to her has also changed my outlook on life, and made me realize just how much i take for granted. it’s also made me realize how trivial some things are, which helps a lot sometimes. there’s so much more to say, but it’s so hard to put into words, because as we all know, you can’t just put friendship down on paper (or a message board in this case :p), because friendship is so much greater than words. granted, we can’t see each other everyday, but knowing that there’s someone to talk to when you get home makes a bad day bearable.

as i said before, there’s no way i could name everyone who’s touched my life through FIRST (i’d be here for a few years :p), but there are those few (and they know who they are), and i know that no matter what, we’ll always be friends, and in the end, isn’t that all that really matters?