My first chassis in cad progress.

Well, I wanted to get better in inventor so I decided to cad my first chassis. First time I’m doing an assembly lol. So here is what I have so far.

I’ve completed the frame. All the bolts are constrained to the holes of the frame and the corner brackets the corner brackets are all constrained to the frame. The only thing I haven’t done is constrain the bottom of the bolts to the frame. Only reason for this is that if I want to edit. You see constraining bolts to the frame is a huge pain, because you have to turn in the middle of the constraining process. Anyway, what do you think?

Going to add some CIMS and add some plexi glass for mounting electronics. It’s going to be a 4 wheel direct drive.

Oh and the reason for not having a custom metal frame is that we don’t have a machine shop. (That I know of)

Nice job, Kusha!
Your CAD has definitely improved- exponentially. A few suggestions. 1) You’ll see the C stock on the front and back has an orange border. you have a sketch with nothing on it. if you double click the part to open it, you can either delete the sketch, or remove its visibility.
2) The bolts- while CADing them like this works, I would suggest using the bolted-connection generator under the “Design” tab on the ribbon. It’s efficient and works really well. how to.
Good Luck!

Ahh, I wish I knew about bolted connections earlier, that is so much easier. I think I’ll go ahead keep the existing connections and use bolted connections. After I’m done I’ll replace the existing ones with bolted connections.

EDIT: Got the orange stuff removed!

Question: I remember in 2010 there was a little on the left side that I could pick out indivdual things I’ve done and modify/delete them, any idea where I can enable that in '11?

Its the tree, on the left side of the screen. If you don’t have that showing, you’ll have a very hard time CADing anything. of course, click the + to expand items.

I don’t have the actual models panel showing…

View->User Interface->Browser.