My First year

I just wanted to let people know that I am very excited about working with Team 829 in Indy. They are a great group of people and they are looking forward to the competition :slight_smile:

Dan, you are also in an extended FIRST family called IndianaFIRST, if you ever need immediate help contact people from IndianaFIRST, there are many IndianaFIRST teams in Indy.

Thank you. I’ll look up the web site.

Welcome Dan

It’s great to see some new faces from Indiana in here :slight_smile:
Allot of this will be new to you but don’t give up. Ask your mentors and fellow students any questions and I bet they will be more than happy to help.
Just one rule…Have Fun

Are you going to the Boilermaker regional? Team 1501 will be there.

Welcome to the family Dan,

If you need anything (advice, parts, technical help) feel free to get ahold of me at [email protected] and i’ll connect you with someone who can help you. We are always excited to have more people in our Indiana FIRST family!