My forum just died.... :(

Really, I no longer get a substatial amout of traffic & none of my regular users are posting anymore. I also noticed, we dropped in the search engine rankings(Used to be third in the search for ‘computer programming forum’, now nowhere in the first 10 pages of results). This stinks…:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I tried sending out a forum anouncement to try and get people to come back and post, but it disn’t work. Does anyone have any suggestions that I can use to try and get people to come back?(Links in sig)

hmm… just have a bunch of people view it.
all of the rankings for my profile page on sites keep changing. dont worry, its just traffic that matters to rankings.

Ask your (former) regular users what they don’t like about the board anymore, listen carefully and then change those things.

Well You have to ask it to your self that why peoples are not comping back to your forum and As Don rotolo said ask your users too what they don’t like or what they want more in your forum

Just a couple of quick observations which would make me think twice about going to your forumn…

Getting an error on the home page is definitely a turn off (onload_functions is undefined).

The odd domain ( makes me suspicious about clicking on the link.