my guess to what game will be

After thinking this through here is what i have come up with: There is one movable goal. This moveable goal will be 4 feet by 4 feet. Made of the plywood sheet. On each corner there will be a caster and in the middle of each side there will be a caster. Therefore equaling 8 casters as the BOM says. Protecting the plywood will be the steel. The BOM says they are 4 feet long and there are 4 so therefore they would fit all the way around the plywood base. In the middle of the base would be the 3 inch PVC connected to the platform with with the 4 x 3 adjustable ring. In some fasion all 16 of those PVC pipes will go around the base and form 4 different compartments. Each compartment will be for a certain team. I think it will be 2v2 or 1v1v1v1. Now for the playing field: it will probably be same rectangle as usual. I also think it will have a divider in the middle and some sort of obstacle as allways. Maybe there will be 4 compartments divided equally in which each robot will sit and the goal will be in the middle. The teams would have to fight over the goal will putting things in each compartment. Maybe blocks, I don’t think there will be balls.

What do you think???

None of you go contacting Dean either cause this is my own personal opinion ok??? …And all I had for sources is the BOM!!

Let me add that the 1 inch PVC pipes are attached with the 1-1/4 nipples. Also as the list says it is painted with Ralph Lauren Spinnaker Blue paint. I also forgot to ask what are the 1- 1/4 flanges???