My Holiday Season Plea

hi everyone

okay so i know that holiday season is coming up or is already here depending on how you look at it … and everyone who knows me knows that i am just about always in a good mood and always joking. however with the holiday season, i just have pretty much one wish … and that is no drinking and driving. i absolutely HATE it when i hear that another person has died from drinking and driving because in my opinion that is THE stupidest way to go for the simple fact that it didnt have to happen …

please, im not saying dont drink and dont have fun … just please be responsible and PLEASE have a designated driver or call a cab or what not … PLEASE DONT DRINK AND DRIVE

thank you and happy holidays,


/edit/ okay so im not always a happy person (no one always is ) … but i am a lot of the time unless something really big is bugging me or something really bad just happened … and expiredzbyte … we know each other very very well … /edit/

ya thats true… and no you are not always happy or joking around… and i think i know you a lot… you can tell me how much i know in your next post on this thread!!! :wink:

okay so now that we are back to school the holiday season is officially over. in the peel region ( where i live ) there was a 35% drop in drinking and driving which i must say im pleased with …

so i want to thank everyone who remembered this thread ( or for some other reason ) and didn’t drink and drive … i also want to remind everyone that even though the holidays are over there is still no excuse for drinking and driving

thank you

– shyra