My Internet has Gas

Yes. Broadband delivered with your natural gas.

That is really an innovative concept. But they talk about the “last mile” alot: is the effective range around a mile? I would also imagine that performance is different through different types of pipe.

Where did you come up with this one? The paper really goes into depth on RF testing and ground attenuation. It has some interesting possibilities but I still need to go through the full article. As a ham and a broadcaster, I am very appalled at the current Broadband over Power Lines. BPL is producing such wideband noise, most over the air services are blocked by the signals. Motorola has developed modems that filter out emissions on specific frequencies to prevent harmful interference to the general public. (as mandated by FCC rules and regs.) Although this technology seems to be working in real world testing, many current BPL providers are not installing the right equipment. See for more info on this harmful service.

Last mile delivery refers to the technique where current utility wiring is used on broadband to provide Internet to customers in the last mile of the service. Hence, DSL users can only get service when they are within one mile of the Central Office. Similar terminology is used for cable services. Earthlink for instance, in my area uses Covad servers at the CO to connect to my phone line for DSL. If I lived just a block to the south, I would be outside the limit for DSL. I hate cable so thank you for picking a house closer to the CO.

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