My Movie Sense is Tingling!

Ok with a little less than a week left until the release of Spiderman 2. I was wondering what your take on it is. Good, bad, anticipating, couldn’t care less? I want to hear it.

If you didn’t know most of the movie critics have raved about this movie calling it “the best super-hero movie I’ve seen”, and they’ve even gone so far as to compare it to “The Empire Strikes Back”. They are saying that the only film that might be able to break the Highest Opening Weekend Box Office Gross (which is $120 mill. set by Spiderman 1 :wink: ) is Spiderman 2

I for one can’t wait! I have my tickets to go see the midnight showing, and my manager might even show it early as a present to the staff at the movie theater I work for. I’ve read the book and can tell you that it’s going to be amazing! For those of you that might critisize me, let me tell you that although the book might be taken directly from the movie, the book often times goes into more detail about sketchy parts of the movie, and dive into plots that the movie left out entirely…lemme know what you think, and I’ll see you in the movies!!!

I can’t wait!

It looks awesome!

It definitely looks good. I really liked the first one, even though I’m not that big of a comic book guy. Let’s hope it doesn’t catch “Summer Blockbuster Sequel Syndrome” and end up being bad/disappointing.

I’m definately looking forward to Spiderman 2, and also a few other movies coming out this summer - Alien vs. Predator, I, Robot and Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

I have watched very few superhero movies in my life, yet I’m definitly seeing this one. If anything, the previews are extremely enticing. Unfortunately I’m missing a months worth of movies. (Catch me on July 21)

For anyone who doesn’t follow previews, the preview is actionpacked and fastpaced. It doesn’t give away the plot at all like most previews seem to be so talented at doing, and it hints at some very interesting developments. Definitly a mustsee.

While some of the “Summer Sequels” do tend to be more dissapointing than their predecessors (sp?), this summer has started off on two good feet Harry Potter and Shrek 2. Also superhero movies don’t tend to have the stereotypical sequels to them. aka: Batman, Superman and my personal favorite out of sequels X-2…granted my opinion for favorite may change after this week.

It’s a very good movie. It’s every bit as good as the first, in my opinion, but I don’t think it was better. The action sequences, while few, are absolutely mindblowing.

There were some things about the movie that bugged me, but the movie still managed to impress despite those. Definitely make some time to go sit for a few hours and be entertained.

Ok well I just got home from the midnight show of Spider-man 2…and it was AMAZING!!! Granted there were some pros and cons to the movie but for the most part It is way better than the first installment. The action scenes were more intense and involved, and the story brought you into the inner workings of the characters. The only qualm that I have about the movie is that the dialogs between Mary-Jane and Peter were a little drawn out and overly and unnecessarily long. But for the most part they helped move the story along.

I won’t give too many of the details away for those people who haven’t seen it yet…but PLEASE add your comments, and let’s get this discussion going!

I havent seen it yet but it does look awesome. I liked the first film and cant wait to see the second since Ive heard the second is better.

I personally can’t wait either. The previews are really getting me excited about the movie. I hope to see it today, but I’m not sure. I think this movie will definitely be a big hit, especially during the first week.
I’m not really into the comic books or movies or whatnot about them, but I saw Spiderman, and I loved it so much! When I heard about the second one coming out, I almost died. I was so excited! I’m ecstatic right now about it.
If the first one made a big splash, I’m sure the second one will blow it right outta the water!

Spider Man 2 looks very interesting. Would you like to know what makes my movie experiences so exciting? I see them all for free. That is why I enjoy movies so much.

I wasn’t a big fan of Spiderman 1. But Spiderman 2 is definitely my favorite superhero movie. It was one of the few movie sequels in which the director actually learned from his mistakes and uses that knowledge to craft something that is more a work of cinema than a summer blockbuster. In fact, Spiderman 2 is both of those things. It was entertaining, but also grasped the story behind the hero better than the Hulk. Its action sequences were also impressive even though they were few. One scene felt out of place and seemed only there to promote Spiderman 3, but besides that the movie ran by too quickly for me because it had such great pace and fluid scenes.

First of all…I don’t believe anything that critics say. There are a bigiliion of them, and a producer can always find and idiot to say great things about a crappy movie.

Second…I hope that is not what they did with this movie, because i hope it is good!

I felt this movie had much more of a comic book feel to it. Yet its not as good as I thought it would be. I think it would have been better as a rental (although I think most movies today are). Maybe its just me but I think if you are going to introduce such a huge love interest you need to dive a bit deeper into it than they did.

I want to see a bit more of what MJ and Peter were thinking about eachother. I like seeing Peter Parker more than I like seeing Spiderman sometimes.

This is turning into a great discussion thread!

For all those people who want a little more juice from the squeeze, I suggest reading the official novelization of the movie. Now you may be thinking “why read the book if it’s based off of the movie?” Well the answer is that the book details more of what the movie left out due to time constraints etc…for instance, it goes deeper into the relationship between Peter and MJ, it also tells the struggle between Otto and his tentacles for control. The novel is a real page turner, and anyone who enjoyed the movie will love the book.

For now keep the comments coming!

It’s about 12:30 am here, and I just got back from seeing it. I got my license today, so I thought I would treat myself to some nice movie action. My favorite part in the movie was Stan Lee’s wonderful cameo, in which he saved that kid’s life. Exactly like he did the first one.

I was quite surprised though, I thought I would have to pay. Alas, it pulled through and I got in free.

The movie itself was great. It was action packed all the way, didn’t mix in too much of our cliché love story, and had just the right amount of “talking.” I’d give it an 8 out of 10 easy.

I’m going to see it later today, I heard its really good.

Well the numbers are in. Spiderman 2 grossed $40,000,000 on Wednesday. Just to make it easier for you, thats 40 million dollars!!! That is incredible for a Wednesday opening. Keep it up people!

Well, I just got back from seeing the movie, and I can’t really explain it. It just left me with a feeling that is beyond words, absolutely the best movie I have ever seen, and about the closest thing to a relegious experience I have ever had, seriously.

well, looks like this will be my second time bashing a highly-anticipated movie on chief delphi, but what the photon (i’m reading The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, they say that in there)

i saw the first Spiderman movie and thought it was terrible. “Look at me, I’m Spiderman! I’m gonna go save some lady (who could easily just move out of harms way herself, but is to dumb to) by bouncing up and down on parade baloons to get to her. I don’t know why i don’t just swing over with my web, that would be a whole lot easier, and a lot less corny!”
they ripped off The Matrix way too much with the action style. the acting was also terrible. his uncle’s death scene belongs in a Mel Brooks movie.

i never plan on seeing Spiderman 2. i can’t wait to get Badder Santa on DVD though… :smiley: