My new classroom...

So my night class has moved to a new campus, in what was once a middle school in a nearby town. I was given my room number – 217 – and when I walked in I saw desks, tables, a counter, a smart board…

…and I couldn’t help but think, “I was expecting more awesome.”

The awesome comes from within…

It isn’t what you’re given that makes it awesome. It’s what you do with it.

You guys recognize the joke, I hope?

I see you are not the only one afflicted with seeing team numbers everywhere. It’s great to be a three digit team because I see our team number every day on the clock. We’ve even adapted our number to be a cheer given at the time “X:39”.

Every time I go on a car ride I read everyone’s plates looking for numbers…
In Israel plates have only numbersand divided XX-XXX-XX so I find alot :smiley:

What joke? :rolleyes:

If you set your clocks to ZULU time (read military), then many four digit teams can find themselves as well. Although you have to be up pretty late if you want to read 21:34.

You bedtime is 9:30pm (military time)?
or 2:30pm MST (zulu time)?

I got the joke … and thanks for that. You’re too kind.


I get it. :slight_smile: Happened to me the other day. Got my school locker, and it was number 217. I made a little squee noise when I saw that. Of course, the rest of the team didn’t understand when I told them either.

I tend to go through the halls of my school pointing out team numbers on classrooms and lockers. I wonder why all of my non robotics friends think I’m weird…

I went to my annual family reunion in early August. When I got back home, my trip odometer was at 1624 miles. I actually considered driving 1 more mile so I could end on a great team number.

I don’t know if I never noticed last year or what (I didn’t use my locker most of the year anyway), but I have locker 47 in my school.