My new license plate showed up!

The today the team tore out the carpet in the back of our classroom to make way for the Bridgeport CNC we bought, which will be arriving Monday. We used my truck to aid in removing large sections of the carpet, and I figured it would be a neat time to take a picture of my new plate:

The lady at the DMV thought it was a pretty cool idea once I explained it to her.

Anyone else have FIRST plates? :cool:

That’s awesome! There definitely are other FIRST plates out there, though I’m not sure of which teams/individuals. Indiana almost had [i]FIRST plates debut this year, but it looks like it might not happen until 2010 or later.

The only confirmed license plate I know of:

(I’ve thought about getting one similar to Matt’s, but I keep changing teams. ;))

Dee has the same plates, but for Virginia.

Pretty sure a mentor for the digital goats has some. I think I recall him saying something about them.

Pat HAD one.

He gave it to 67 last year.

2 cars ago:

I can confirm that Micheal Martus from Chief Delphi’s plate says “CD 47” and Jim Zondag from the Killer Bee’s plate says “KB 33”, I’ll get a picture of Martus’ tomorrow, and see if I can snap one of Jims next time I see it.

It’s also ironic that Martus’ van is orange, and Jims truck is yellow.

Does Jim’s truck have antennae, the bee kind?

And it bounces too.

I gave them my first one (shown in the pictures). I got a second one because Michigan phased out the white on blue plates. I kept the second one, but decided not to pay for the vanity plate anymore and now have a regular random plate.

As I was calling Martus earlier, I realized I needed to update my description in this thread a bit more, because his phone number ends in a “0047” …

And suddenly Brandon starts getting random phone calls on how to improve CD…:wink:

Very cool pictures guys. Keep them coming!

Our WFFA winner Kirsten Jahn’s plate is 341-themed.

And somebody was just telling me about the same tags in ?CA? We need to have a car rally!

Dee and I do try to park next to each other when we can.:slight_smile:

It’s also ironic that Martus’ van is orange, and Jims truck is yellow.

Martus’s Car is most definitely red