My Offical review of Rollercoaster Tycoon 3

Well as i posted in the other thread that there was going to be a Rollercoaster tycoon 3. Well it came out yesterday, i bought it and have been playing it for a couple of hours and this is my review. So if you are a avid Rollercoaster tycoon person that has played since the first one was out and lost most of your lives to it like me then i suggest getting this game

Price tag: $39.99
Thats how much everyone has been since they have come out seems like alot but its totally worth it


*The people look so real, remember in the first and second how everyone looked the same just different color shirts? Well here each person looks totally different you have people ranging from young kids to senior citizens and instead of each guest having a number they each have a name. In the first and second game the people also always walked by themselves, in the third edition they can come in as a group of friends, family, etc, etc. The final thing is that you can even design your own people

*Almost every ride that is built you can ride. You can go from sitting on the monorail and riding around your park to riding your famous rollercoaster. When you are on a ride you can even hear the people screaming.

  • You now have day and night. During night play the intensity of the ride or rollercoaster go’s up. At night you have to make your park more teen friendly and still be able during the day to keep it family oriented, so you have to keep a balance. DON’T FORGET TO PUT THE STREET LAMPS, when it gets dark i mean it gets dark, if you don’t put street lamps vandalism and crime go up and people get irate because they don’t know were they are going.

  • You can now place photo spots all around your park so people can go to them with there group and take pictures, and if the group that you created takes pictures it saves to the my picture folder.

*You now have a new employee, plus more control over your employees. The new employee is called the park inspector. His name is Mr. Jobsworth and he roams the park and gives you hints like if guest cant access your ride or employees are slacking off. That brings me to the control over the employees, your employees can actually slack off in this game and they don’t come fully trained like in the other ones. You have to hire them and train them and make sure they are doing they work. If they are slacking off you don’t have to fire them immediately you can warn them and send them back to training. Then there is always the final result of terminating them.

*The best new feature is def the firework show. They call the panel firework mixmaster. You first put launch points for your fireworks all around the park, make sure not to put them to close to your guest! Then you choreograph the fireworks to the music that you choose to play. You can even import music from your own personal library. Don’t get to fancy with the firework display it cost you alot of money to run this.

there are many new features that i didn’t list

Well guys all i can say is RCT3 is totally redone and worth the money. If you were into the first and second as much as me then def go buy this, you will not regret. If you have any questions about the game def post them and i will answer them. Well guys thats it, happy gaming

What about the numerous flaws?

From what I hear, many things have been done poorly, including soundeffects, peep AI, and a wierd problem on B&M stand-ups, floorless, and hypers where they only can have 5 car trains. There is even a huge problem where peeps won’t even ride any rides for no apparent reason.

While we are at it, lets list some features that didn’t make it into RCT3 that has been in RCT1 & 2…

-Guided paths that are built like coasters
-Peep thoughts and actions overview

I’m a huge fan of RCT 1 & 2, but I’m waiting on RCT3.

Well i havent played much yet to find exactley, but i was reading through tthe reviews that you posted and alot of those are for the demo, that was released. When i find bugs iw ill post htem