My own little EasyMod applier...

A while ago (right before school started), I was working on setting up a phpBB board. I wanted to install a few mods, so I got the ones I wanted and I applied the small ones no problem, but when I looked at the larger ones, I gave up.

Noticing that all of the instruction files had the same format, I decided to write a parser/applier for them. I didn’t realize right away that the thing already existed (EasyMod). But, when I did eventually, I was already about halfway down with my implementation and I found the 'Easy’Mod applier difficult to install, so I finished my utility.

It’s a simple command line program. You pass in the various parameters and away it goes. It works great except for certain text alterations, where it decides to cut out parts which it shouldn’t even be dealing with. And 3 lines in a PHP file can radically change the document… :yikes:

So, here’s my code. See what you think. I won’t be offended if you don’t bother actually reading the code/call it crap/whatever. :wink:

Oh, yeah. I haven’t worked on this program for a while, but its been bugging me. :slight_smile: