My own VEX game.

I call it “FRC Challenge”. It’s a VEX hybrid of the FRC competitions from 2000 through 2006. I have incorporated small parts from each year into this VEX game that I designed for the new VEX team at our Junior High to play. The field and game were designed just after the 2006 FRC season started. I actually got the inspiration for the main scoring object while scouring Wal-mart for 7" POOF Jr. Basketballs the Monday after kick-off.

I do not have access to Inventor 10 for the moment, so I can’t get a hold of any field dimensions at the moment. Also, the starting pads/“end zones” and the goals are larger on the actual field. I never got a chance to update the drawings.

More images and descriptions of each field object incorporated into the game can be found here.

That looks cool; competitions like that (e.g. made up, unofficial games) are how my old team would choose drivers for the FRC competition. I’m curious: did the Vex team create their own robot specifically for the game or did they try to adapt/use last year’s to play it?

Oh, and since you mentioned wanting spelling mistakes (and presumably typos) pointed out on the site: about half the time the is spelled “teh”.

Looks good jay, im sure it will be fun to play and create a robot for. Im still waiting for Greg’s game for the ruckus. See ya at the ruckus.

The VEX team is officially a team starting this year and I created the game for them as away for the kids to get used to the VEX kits. We are incorporating the VEX curriculum into our junior high class structure and I have been asked to help teach the class. I’m extremely excited for the opportunity and look forward to working with the kids. I believe we will be working more with this game during the year. I’ll keep you posted as it develops. :slight_smile:


P.s. Thanks for pointing out the spelling mistakes Timothy. You can ask anyone I talk to online, I do that all the time. :rolleyes: Bu the important thing to note is that I don’t do it in person :wink: