My Personal Takeaway from the Manual [very long]

I was making this document to share my ideas with my team and thought to share it here. I’m eager to hear any criticisms since its only day 1, and I’m open to explain my thoughts even more if needed.

P.S. I didn’t include the ramp robots idea because I can’t decide my stance on it. It feel like they are a waste of time to build once most teams can climb in weeks 4,5+. But they do provide a guarantee ranking point with levitate.

Looks like this might be your rookie year in FRC. I’d just like to congratulate you on a very detailed and intelligent analysis of the game. Thanks for sharing, you’re well on your way to being a successful strategist :).

Pro tip: most teams won’t be able to climb, even at champs, because ramp bots will make it so they don’t have to. Many climb mechanisms simply won’t work at all.

Why do you say that “Robots specializing in Power Ups do not need to have ground pick up, since the closest Power Cubes and the Exchange are flush with the floor.”? Where do the cubes you are putting in the exchange come from? If I’m reading the manual right, alliance’s portals are on the opposite end of the driver’s station, like the ramps for gears last year. I also don’t see that cubes are staged at the alliance driver’s station. Maybe you’re talking about not needing an active intake and just needing a kind of scoop? I hope I’m just missing something though!

Yes you are, there’s literally a pile of cubes sitting on the floor directly across from the exchange hole

A protected pile of cubes that you’d be wise to not just plow into to extract 1-3 cubes from.

Not to mention that hanging 3 random robots off that 1 rung is unlikely in the extreme. I’m going to beat Carnac to the punch right now and declare we’re never going to see 3 robots all independently hanging from one rung.

…which are on the floor, which means if you want to get them in your robot quickly you need some sort of intake/grabbing/glyph control mechanism.