My portfolio page

Anyone care to give me some constructive criticism before I launch this page?

As I always say,


and I can prove that in about 20 different ways.

As for the website, the appearance is simple, but I’m not going to say anything about it because I know it looks different on my computer than anyone else’s.
It efficiently displays and explains the work that you’ve done. It interests the reader and makes them want to read more (especially me because of my obsession with unusual math proofs). The page could stand to be a little brighter and needs a little more shape.
I think the page serves its purpose very well, and overall I would give it a high rating.

i like the simple parts of the site :cool:

My only gripe is with the main page. Personally, I don’t like when you must interact with the page before knowing what is there. Aesthetically, it is very nice, but my preference is for usability as the first priority.

My suggestion would be that you make all of the words appear on the screen at all times, but make them stand out more when either the item or the words are moused over.

If you want to leave the page mostly how it is functionally, you could try to get a picture that doesn’t have extraneous objects (like the headphones and cd’s) that don’t go anywhere.

I too think that it’s nice and origional job …
Althouth it could use more thing in it so it would come out of it’s boring way and also there more could be done on the coloring … everything else looks good …from 5 star i would give it a 4

I think the main site is really creative. I like mousing over things and feel like I am finding things, but if this is intended as a professional portfolio, I think you should exaggerate the locations you can click on more. Make the buttons stand out so that they are clearly buttons. You can still include an ‘easter egg’ of sorts, but all of your main points should be exaggerated.

Thank you for your input. The main page’s obscure links was a problem I had observed after I created it as well. I will investigate a way to make it more accessible.

Research finished. Solution implemented. Now there are text-links, and the respective items glow when you mouse over them or their links.

What was the solution, because now in IE I see the text links at the bottom as being right smack in the middle of the outside border of the image part of the main page. Meaning, the border goes right through the text links.
Should the text links be lower on the page by a 1/8 of an inch or so?
Was that the intention?

edit: By the way, the gallery is pretty cool. Was the software free (minigal), and how flexible is it for uploading one or a couple pictures at a time into a gallery?
Is the user end aspect of it pretty easy to use?
I’m looking for a nice gallery to implement on my site, and this one looks pretty basic without the extra added garbage with some gallery programs, yet has a nice flow to it’s design.

Oh yea, I keep forgetting to test my pages in IE :rolleyes:
I fixed it, as well as a bug where some padding values were spacing out the images in IE.

Yea, that minigal software is very nice freeware. There is a minigal2, but I prefer minigal for its simplicity. You simply set up the script, and then add images in folders. It automagically turns the folders into ‘albums’ and the images go right in there. You have to do a ‘create thumbnails’ each time you add a new image, but otherwise there is 0 configuration besides setting up your file tree nicely.