My Robot Compatability Chart

I started to make this spreadsheet at Nationals last year. I’ve adapted it for this year’s game. This spreadsheet will give your team the most compatable teams based on your scouting. It allows you to give a ranking of importance of the different game aspects. You should understand it when you see it. If you need more clarification, just post on here.

Compatability Ranking Sheet.xls (69.5 KB)

Compatability Ranking Sheet.xls (69.5 KB)

Thank you for a spectacular document. Looking at it made me really heavily consider kinds of priorities there are in this year’s game and how to utilize them and your allies. Well done.

By the way, if the sheet says “Do not touch,” you probably shouldn’t touch it. Anything messed up in there will ruin the entire spreadsheet. If you want to explore in there to see how I did it, go right ahead.

Awesome! I’m going to borrow some ideas from here to work into a Robot Rating Index of sorts that will work with our PHP/mySQL Scouting Database. Thanks for the great document.

Awesome spreadsheet and a very nifty idea. I’m just curious about what you meant with Tetra herding.

Ability to gather the tetras

[EDIT] I’m going to reupload the file. I’m changing a couple options’ orders and I realized I misspelled Compatibility. Now that I look…it is misspelled on this thread. OOps :eek:

Compatibility Ranking Sheet.xls (62.5 KB)

Compatibility Ranking Sheet.xls (62.5 KB)

That’s an awesome tool…I was just wondering, would there be a way to make it so that you could have multiple entries for the same team?

Such as you write in the compatibility of one team, and later on you see it perform worse, could you write in another review without them being viewed as seperate entries?

Depending on what type of scouting system you have, maybe you can modify it to your needs so that you average the scouting reviews and then enter it into Michael’s form.

However - I think this might be more of just a pure “compatibility” of robot features type of thing. So, instead of taking their match performances into account here, you just use a robot’s features to determine what’s compatible with your own robot - which robots compliment your robot ability. Then once you decide on which robots are most compatible, then you could further review scouting reports to check their performances.

Great tool, I’m going to test it at our pre-ship match on the 19 of February.

Thanks a TON

Thanks for the spread sheet, team 1208 will use it and adjust it if we feel the need. We appreciate all the work you put in to it.

Is there any way we could get that scouting spreadsheet with ten possible categories instead of five?