My Scouting Sheet...CRITIQUE IT NOW!!!

Hey guys just finished with my team’s scouting sheet and I was wondering if I could get any suggestions or comments on it. Thanks guys it is much appreciated. Also if you would like to use this scouting sheet as a template for your own or just use it, be my guest. :slight_smile:

so far i think it is very well put together but i think you would waste a lot of paper just scouting one team at a time on just one piece of paper. My thoughts are to put more than one team on the sheet. (just a suggestion). :wink:

Now have one of the programmers make a program that stores all that info in a MySQL database with a gui frontend. Then you have an affective system.

Actually I think I might copy you and make a program after shipping. Seems like fun to program. Also, sorry Mac users.

This is actually pretty good. Nice, compact, and the field is a nice touch. A suggestion would be to add the “Where Did They Score?” to the “Endgame” section and maybe (if possible) swap the “Endgame” and “Human Player” parts with the Teleoperated section.Also, you could place the Match# and Final Score in the “Endgame” box.

Looks great though!
I think I might suggest this to the team and then maybe change a few things up to suit us. :slight_smile:

Wow thanks a ton for the suggestions guys, especially for swapping out the end-game and human player sections for the teleoperated section, didnt catch that. Also I’m now going to add a pit scouting section on the back so if anyone has any suggestions for questions to be asked it would again be much appreciated.

Edit: Red One, the plan is to mark where they scored with the minibot on the field diagram, but thanks for pointing that out.

I just finished my team’s scouting program tonight. I didn’t even think about “where the ubertube was scored” or things like that. Thanks for this. :smiley:

One thing I might add if you can is in a different color show where the other teams on the alliance score. Because you might see tubes scored quite randomly, where actually they are putting them in the correct place to complete a logo.

Just an addition I think should be made that would make your life much easier: Have the person scouting write their name. This way you can ask your scouters about the bots and what they did that time and explain why they wrote what they did.

I also disagree with having one sheet per match per team. You will end up with over 400 scouting sheets and keeping everything organized will be impossible.

I think you should cut out the field drawing and leave a lot more space for comments. In my opinion the comment section is the most important thing for picking a sleeper during alliance selection and to figure out teams’ weaknesses.

You’ve got a more effective system if you skip the gui and just make an html form that drops it into the database through the magics of PHP. Now all anyone needs to do is connect to your host computer and fill out a questionnaire, with no need for any software beyond a browser. Even people equipped only with smartphones can do it.

its 6 sheets per match, so its a waste of paper. its also hard to tell whose human player is whose during the match. what my team does is we have a sheet per team, and we have an organizer that finds all the teams in the match at the time. our sheet a table with the matches as the rows, and then the columns include match number, alliance partners, opponents, ubertube row, tubes scored on:top, middle, bottom (one column for each), minibot place, and final score, and then a space on the bottom for comments. you dont need so many circles for where they score, all we do is put a dash whenever they score on a certain row (like what people do when counting days in prison cells lol) and you really only need to know if they can score on the top, middle, or bottom, not the specific rack, because there are only 2 rack heights (the middle pole and outer pole) and its not like the team can only score on the middle left pole on the right rack or something.

I was thinking about that, but due to the lack of internet in the competition, it is kind of not smart.

Just a note, we are only planning to do one sheet for every team, not every match, which at our competitions will only be about 40 papers. I am going to have this organized before the competition in which my scouting team has all been assigned one team per match until all of the teams have been filled out. This is the way that my team prefers it and that aspect is not going to change. Also, we are trying to get as much information as possible, even if it may not seem necessary. Thanks a ton for the critiques guys…keep them coming:D

So bring along a wireless router and have a host computer connected to it. Seems like a better option than union’ing all the local copies of the database you’ll end up with.

Oh and with getting all of the information on the interblag (yes I am a lover of xkcd) that may be a plan for the future for our programming team but as of now that is undecided.

You could have a laptop serve the PHP pages & DB over an ad-hoc network.

Nowadays, enough people have iPod touches that you shouldn’t need a whole lot of extra equipment… interesting idea.

Great scouting sheet, and thanks for letting us use it.

Pass everything through to an IRC bot :3

I see you have them writing down the approximate time it takes a robot to get a tube and score. Does this mean each scouter will have a stop watch with them? You may want to consider an alternative method of quantifying the effectiveness of the robot as multiple stopwatches can end up being fairly expensive, and they always seem to have a tendency to mysteriously disappear. :wink:

You guys should review section 4.4.1 of the administrative manual.

What if a team plays a little offense and a little defense?

What if a team does the ‘fetcher’ strategy and bring tubes for their partner to score?