My Take on The 2001 Competition

Posted by James at 04/19/2001 8:48 PM EST

Student on team #573, Mech Warriors, from Brother Rice High School and Delta Tooling Co./Dow Automotive/P.E.T.S.

Heres my take on the 2001 Competition

  1. The scoring system-I thought the scoring system was easy to understand after watching several matches. However, I have to agree with those of you who say it is media unfriendly because I have many times lost a person when I try to explain it to one who has never seen it.
  2. The 4 robot Alliance-I think that this was an ingenious idea on Dean’s part. Having seen it as both a human player and a spectator, I enjoyed the pre match strategy sessions, and the importance of knowing other robots abilities, also this allows you as a spectator to spend 2 minutes with some people that have a common hope for success, and it feels good to hear others cheering for your team, and the rush of relief is great when you all succeed is great, and leave others to share misery in less successful rounds.
    The only problem with this is the factor of luck with opponents, in our case we have been paired with some of the best robots, and they all seem to mess up in the round with us, and yes, even we rarely were the “guilty” party.
    3.Number of Teams-I think FIRST handled it well this year with the 4 divisions, but it will get more difficult as more and more join. I hope it does not come to regional qualifying, but that may be the best in the long run.
    4.Suggestions For the Future-As for moving it out of Florida, I also hope that that does not happen, everyone loves the Florida weather(except the one rainy day) but I would still have fun if it wasnt. As for the mention of Cobo Hall and Arena in Detroit, It is feasible I think but noone wants to come to Detroit, think about the Super Bowl when it was here. Maybe it could move around from year to year like the Super Bowl.
    5.My thanks to-The teams that looked past low rankings to pick us for their alliance, Teams 308 and 372 in Ypsilanti, and Teams 192 and our hosts Team 47 at the Nationals. Also it was great working with Team 469 in both the Great Lakes and Nationals, and also the Huskie Brigade(Team 65), Team 401, and the other we have worked with. Special Thanks to Teams 65 and Team 1 the Juggernauts for their help and advice for the rookie team. Also thanks to all with compliments and suggestions for our team printed in this very forum.

I really enjoy this site and reading all your posts. I dont know about you, but I think itll be really hard to top this years game, but Im sure Dean can do it.