My team code

Hi folks,
my team is using a Git repository hosted on GitHub.
I thought I’d let you know where it is:

Also, to make things easier for my programmers, I create a DVD of all the software they should install, with instructions. I’ve uploaded the instructions, but I’ll just link to the packages.

Here’s what I put on the disk:

  1. 7zip
  2. LabVIEW for FRC (This one comes off the DVD in the KOP; it’s about 4GB)
  3. LabVIEW Update
  4. FRC Utilities
  5. FRC Driver Station
  6. Adobe Reader
  7. Putty
  8. MsysGit
  9. TortoiseGit
  10. MetaDiff Suite (If you want, you can install only LVDiff)
  11. Jing
  12. Notepad Plus
  13. (teamviewer)
  14. (skype)
  15. (Bonjour for Windows)

Remember, the password is 5Time4For3Robots2to1Dance!

Install instructions.txt (325 Bytes)

Install instructions.txt (325 Bytes)