My team dosnt have a 15 foot wide space, will we be disqualified if we only have a 10ft wide space for the at home driving challenges?

So basically my team only has an easily accessible 10ft x 40ft space that we can use to do the at home challenges this year. To me, it looks like we will have enough space for the tracks for all the driving challenges, along with space for the robot to pass on the sides. Assuming everything could fit in our smaller than standard space do we need to worry about getting our runs disqualified because we don’t have the extra width on the sides?


At this point, all you can do is try. You can submit a question to the QA system:

My guess (guess!!) would be that, as long as the cones are set up at the correct official places, no one will have a problem with it. They have already said that the inverse is OK: the robot can go a little outside the 15 ft width.


Do you have space out doors? Maybe a parking lot?


Yea, the space im talking about is the outdoor one next to our garage. If it turns our we need more, we will probably go to a parking lot, or a park somewhere like you suggested.

My sense of things is that it will be OK, do the best you reasonably can and expect everyone will be understanding, considering the circumstances. If you can get an official answer ahead of time, that’s the ideal way to go.

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I think that you’re fine, because the game manual says that:

~15 ft. x ~30 ft. (~458 cm x ~915 cm) of playing space is strongly recommended.

So they certainly recommend it, but it’s not really required. Like others have said, you might want an official OK on this, but it seems fine to me.


I think (and hope) you’re fine. We have 15’ no problem, but can’t make the 30’ – we’re literally driving in my classroom, and it’s 28.5’ from cupboard to cupboard sideways, and the weather around here isn’t exactly parking lot friendly of late.

(Let me just state for the record that classroom tile has very different handling characteristics than FRC-like carpet. We all deal with what we’ve got in these times…)

I see no reason why it wouldn’t be ok. I don’t see why they would allow some people to potentially gain an advantage by going outside of the 15ft width, but not allow you to use a narrower space, which would be a disadvantage. As long as the spacings of the cones are still standard, you should be legal. That being said, if you can find a flat parking lot or something, the extra width will be nice.

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