My team is considering using omni drive for this year's game

We have never used omni, and we wanted to know the thoughts of teams who have in the past. Is it compatible with tank drive?

My team almost always goes with a tank drive and omni wheels. We prefer 6 wheels, the corners being omni and the middle 2 having traction.

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So doesn’t it still have the ability to mover horizontally? Or does the traction prevent that? How would you stop this? Are all six wheels on an even plane?

If you use omni and are not planning to have a mechanism to actively move you sideways (such as an H-drive), then having only omni wheels would allow you to be pushed around pretty easily. We like the traction because it prevents this from happening, but if you were to use an H-Drive you would not want the traction. Are you thinking of mecanum wheels?

This is what our drive looked like:

: : Omni
| | Traction
: : Omni

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Would either of your trains (traction-traction-omni or omni-traction-omni) require 6 separate motors?

Nope! We use 4 motors, but only on two wheels. We chain each side together, so all 3 wheels, and then have the back wheels powered by two motors each. If you take this approach, find a good way to be able to tension your chain - it will get loose over the next week or so after initially putting it on and will need to be re-tensioned.

We’ve always used a belt and to my knowledge have never re-tensioned.

Belts are a good option to avoid tensioning but have you experienced a lot of slippage?

Do you actually mean omni, or do you really mean mechanum? Those are two very different things.

Using mechanum wheels (and proper coding) gives you the capability to strafe. Omni wheels are typically used in conjunction with traction wheels and are commonly used to reduce scrub when turning. They are also necessary in H-drive or Z-drive configurations. I can’t find a good Z drive picture…anyone else have one?

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Never, to my knowledge?