My team may have figured out First Power Up game.

So, with the new teaser out and people not really giving out any real analysis, I decided to tell what we have figured out and is truly possible with patterns figured out and teaser analysis. Fair Warning… Its a mind twister.

So, we start out with the patterns of the games since 2003, as a forum here has stated.

So, as it states, 2018 will be a ball game 2 with most likely a end game. Our idea is a game that consists of goals on opposite sides and a moderately open field. The size of the balls can be debated, but that is what is seems. The next component is from teaser analysis.
As the teaser shows, stairs seem very prominent this year as the girl goes down stairs. Also the arcade machine has stair type platforms on both visible sides of the machine. With this information, it seems that the end game might consist of a platform scaling challenge. This is further supported by the actual name and logo for this year.
The name of this game is Power Up, but not power-up like a video game power-up. Instead, it consists two words, meaning if you take is literally it means we are powering up something, like a platform. The final piece of the puzzle is actually the logo, with the arrow. The arrow is pointing not directly up, but at a 45 degree angle, like stairs or going up to a platform.

So in general, the game is going to be a typical shooter with goals on opposite ends with shooting as most likely the only point scorer besides the end game. The end game will consist of either scaling a set of small stairs or going up to a platform with a vertical edge directly to the floor. This is not much, but it seems very possible.

Recycle Rush, but the robots throw the pool noodles, and you have to climb on the step for the end game.

This sounds like modified Ultimate Ascent.

I think this sounds too simple to be an actual game, I think there will be more than one way of scoring before the end game. But I do agree that I think there will be stairs involved.

We finally get to build the robot with legs!

Yeah this was pretty similar to what I was thinking, almost kind of like Aim High from 2006, with a ramp or something on each end of the field.

I think coins had too much focus in the trailer to not be in the game. However, coin game pieces would be too similar to the gears from last year. Maybe there’ll only be a few coins, but they’ll be bigger than the gears? My guess is that teams would have to climb up those stairs to place the coin in a slot.

How do you reconcile this pattern with the fact that every game represented on the side of the game cabinet was either primarily pick-and-place or had a valuable pick-and-place component?

Seems to me that we played a ‘coin’ in the slot game in 2013:D However, I do agree with the former post that clues strongly suggest a pick and place type game.

Maybe the “coins” will be around the size of a track & field discus, and the robot will need to pick them out of something (take coins out of the “pocket”), perhaps needing an arm that extends high above the main body of the robot to pull the coins out of the pocket. And then the robot will need to place (though flinging them would be more fun) them into a slot.

Extending the idea further, how do we get coins? We have to work for them, so maybe there is some other task that helps us earn coins into our pocket?

Has there ever been a bean bag shooting game? Feel like we’ve done shooting balls two years in a row now. It would be interesting to try shooting something harder to manipulate.

Return of the catapult big time for sure!

Bean bags (“floppies”) were used in 1999, but were not launched.

According to the pattern, it is going to be a simple game.

A few semi-random thoughts to throw into the rather rich mix of thoughts we have in this thread and others…

  • Stairs are a red herring. Sure, the young lady comes down stairs but the so called “stairs” on the screen and on the side of the game console are not stairs at all, they are pixelated ramps (more below).
  • How about human players putting “coins” though a coin slot either to a robot to the floor? Maybe frisbees again but probably far fewer than in 2013.
  • The coins are used by robots to unlock classic video game style power ups. The game could start with some free power ups laying about.
  • Power ups are used to multiply scores somehow.
  • Autonomous rules include each robot starting with one coin (multi-coin autonomous for the win!).
  • Power ups unlocked and/or used during autonomous are worth more than during teleop.
  • Ramps provide one or more of the following.
  • Access to a safe zone for scoring / stacking power ups.
  • Further multiplication of power ups scores based on height of platform obtained via ramps.
  • An end game challenge, perhaps involving multiple cooperating robots.


I am sure I am wrong on most of this but why not join in the fun?


I’m hoping that the items will be one-ups, but instead of mushrooms, they are robot plushies, preferably dozer.

A third shooting game in a row would surprise me, but last year’s game didn’t actually focus that much on shooting (and even Stronghold was fairly split in focus) so I could see it. I’m in agreement that there seems to be quite a bit of hinting towards verticality of some sort. Even the name Power Up could have a double meaning, relating to both video games and the ‘up’ referring to something on its own.

Oh, and there seems to be a distinct retro theme going on too. The room the arcade cabinet is in seems to be a storage room or basement, and the video game references are all distinctly retro. Could just be that the theme is specifically retro video games, or perhaps they’re hinting at the game having distinct similarities to previous games.

I take it you weren’t around for Aerial Assist. No end game, all forms of scoring involved the same game piece (not counting fouls :rolleyes: ). It wasn’t the greatest engineering challenge, but it was a fantastic game to actually play (when there weren’t too many fouls…).

The image of the power meter in the 2nd recruitment poster has me thinking there could be 1x1x1, 2x1x1, and 3x1x1 power blocks to pick/ collect and then place so they add to the alliance’s power meter. Maybe they’re placed on a conveyer that elevates them and drops them into a vertical polybarb channel, so each alliance’s power level keeps going up and up during the match.

I do still think coins are also in play. Rather than frisbees flung horizontally it could be discs of some kind flung vertically.

I think stairs/ramps/platforms will be in the mix, but I have no new ideas to share on that aspect