My team wants to change the domain of our web site

Hello partners! I’m from team #1382 and our domain has expired and we are having problems with it. I wanna know if we can change the domain to another one and still in the competition. And if the answer is yes, how do I tell to the judges that I changed it? Thank you.

Your question can probably be best answered by the staff at FIRST HQ. Contact them via email at [email protected] and explain the situation clearly and politely. They will most likely be able to give you appropriate advice.

Once you get your new domain, it’s a few easy steps to submit your site for Website Award judging.

  1. See the “FIRST Awards Submitters” section of this document and go through those steps.
  2. If you’re properly registered, upon logging into STIMS you can see the various awards. Go to the one for the Website Award and click a button that says “Edit” (or something similar, it’s been a year so I’m fuzzy).
  3. There should be a single line input for your website’s URL. Put it in there and submit it for the award.
  4. I believe it’s editable up until the awards submissions deadline, like the other awards have been.